Your One-Page Business Plan

One of the best things I did last week was seek professional help.

I needed to get clarity to move WritePublishGrow forward with the right clients. So I put up my hand. Fortunately, Realise Business, a non-profit helping businesses in various stages of growth, experiencing pain, was there to see me.

I had my appointment with my business advisor, James at WorkInc, a collaborative workspace that juxtaposes history with the future, oozes creative vibes and hosts residents working on embedding fresh perspectives into the practicality of business as usual.

With a fist-pump we took off on talking about WritePublishGrow and how we can build it on solid ground.

At the end of the session, James left me with a three-part homework.

This One-Page Business Plan is the first part of my homework and may these questions help you in rethinking and reworking your business.


What will you sell?

My copywriting, business storytelling services.

Who will buy it?

ICT consultants and software developers who have a roster of happy repeat clients who want to become world class like Mulesoft, Basecamp, Atlassian, WordPress and Freshbooks.

How will your business idea help people?

Help them communicate with clarity, brevity, simplicity and humanity to ensure full engagement with their software and ICT products and services.


What will you charge?

Super low price of $60 hour to write content (to lock in a loyal client base of three outstanding individuals and companies in their field). Strategy consultation is $120 per hour.

How will you get paid?

Deposit to my bank account or Square for credit card or offshore payments. Looking into PayPal or Stripe or any other online payment system if anyone can help with that.

How else will you make money from this project?

$20 Webinars, training sessions, consulting, and aim to publish a book every year on learnings from working with growing businesses.


How will customers learn about your business?

Social media, website, brief YouTube videos on business matters such as writing an engaging website, training materials and video support, blog articles promoted through social media, guest blogging (would be nice to contribute to Atlassian, Mulesoft, Basecamp, Freshbooks or WordPress blogs)

How can you encourage referrals?

Provide excellent service to existing clients and do a final interview at hand-over of each project to ensure satisfaction and get a testimonial


The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics:

Number of customers

Seven clients, 1 X 20 hrs/mo, 2 X 10 hrs/mo, 4 X 5 hr/mo; one prospect consultation per month and $80 pp full day (on a weekend) workshop for 20 people every 6 months.


Annual net income


Obstacles/Challenges/Open Questions

Specific concern or question #1

How to find the time to build my business content while servicing clients?

Proposed solution to question #1

Wake up at 5am every morning and use client work (with their permission) as case studies and content for book, training materials, etc…

Over to you…

Your turn to fill out your One-Page Business Plan and be sure to let me know when you’ve done it.

I’d love to find out what you’re planning so that we may help each other in some way.

Business is more fun with allies on your side. <3<3<3

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