Writers: Your Call to Adventure

With love, joy and enthusiasm for the storytelling craft, I’m sending out this invitation to you, the blocked writer, to join me on the writers’ journey.

My acceptance of my writing gift took nearly 20 years. Perhaps like me, you were always fascinated with words and stories of how they came about and how they form stories, but were ushered/pushed/shoved down a career path that seemed more sensible by those around you.

When my dad, a disgruntled ex TV producer who never found the praise he was seeking in his creative pursuits pushed me to go into medicine (he wishes he’d become a doctor…) I felt it was not my calling but went with it. Here’s the thing, when your parents, who take care of you financially, want you to do something, it’s hard to say no. I’m working hard on recovering my love for him and thanks to Robert McKee and his famous story seminars, will have the opportunity to visit US and see my dad and introduce him to his grand-daughter.

If you’re holding back on loving someone or have love blocks, you’re only punishing yourself. Open your heart and you will find that creativity will flow into your life.

So back to how I found the power to come out as a writer…I’d temporarily shut the doors on my gift until a series of tragicomic events (getting fired repeatedly, working for some truly – shall we say – interesting people) forced me to accept what I really am – a storyteller who uses writing to convey emotion.

When you’ve accepted your gift and cleared enough time in your life (perhaps you’re on parental leave, between jobs, on a gap year, retired, focusing on your health, etc…) to pursue it, a whole new set of challenges and demons begin to emerge.

Your inner voice poisons you with thoughts like ‘am I good enough?’, ‘why me?’ ‘everyone writes, what can I offer?’

And you feel the pain of coming to your laptop with great ideas but unable to push any of them out onto the blank screen. The cursor keeps blinking and you stare at it blankly. The thought itself is enough for me to break out in cold sweat.

One of the fastest cures to writers’ block I’ve discovered is writing within a supportive community of other writers.

This was why I started WritePublishGrow three years ago.

The support of other writers will keep you accountable, they will see treasures you dismiss in your voice (how can you know how interesting and unique you are when you spend time with yourself every waking moment?), and push you to keep going to the edge and one day you will have the strength to get to the other side, with your first book manuscript or completed writing project in hand.

It’s really up to you how far you want to take your gift.

I’ve done various writing courses online and in person to have witnessed the power of being in a focused group of writers to get writing projects started and done.

It really works and I’d like to bring this to you.

This WpG Storytelling Workshop is 6-weeks long and we explore:

1. The protagonist (that’s you!),
2. The antagonist (anything keeping you from writing)
3. Supporting characters (your cheerleaders, in our case the other writers in the group)
4. Challenges (where you’re getting stuck in your writing project and ideas from the group to push it forward)
5. Dark Night of the Soul (what it is in hero’s journey and why it’s necessary to carry the story to its conclusion)
6. How surrender carries the protagonist to the goal (hopefully propelling you to start and complete your first writing project).

What do I provide?

• 6 x 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks, where a group of 8-12 like-minded writers meet in Crow’s Nest
• Comprehensive questionnaire/instructions to set out the goals for your writing project
• Deep dive into story structure and using it as a guide to create your writing project
• Skype or phone support for the entire period

I’ll be asking you to journal your experience for the entire 6 weeks. It will appear haphazard and random at the start, but there is an order to it and will inspire your writing project.

Want to know if this workshop is for you? Book a FREE 30 minute session to check our fit by e-mailing me, eda@writepublishgrow.com.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

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