Today I’m moved to talk to you all about something that’s very important to a creative’s hygiene.


Yes, we are all human and we are all creators of our lives and being human comes with a very important, yet largely overlooked, never mentioned, or embarrassing function – pooping!

Hey Seth Godin does it, and he gets paid for it.

Now let’s not get the physical act of pooping, defecating, shitting, emptying bowels confused with what I’m talking about here, which is the creative’s prerogative to put out shit that no one likes. But if you’re having trouble keeping your bowels regular then be sure to check out Digestive Detective’s work. She’ll get your guts in shape for sure.

The Right to Write (Shit)

Going back to Seth Godin’s crap…The man blogs every day and he puts out books, workshops, podcasts and other infor-taining content on a regular basis. Along with gold nuggets, there’s bound to be some shit. He’s unapologetic about it. Why should you apologise for opening up and letting it all out?

Once you give yourself permission to poop, like I am doing today, you may be surprised that with shit out of the way how much gold you can unlodge out of your system. Today let yourself write, draw, paint, sing, play, compose or whatever it is that you do – to do it bad, real bad…

Let others say it’s shit and laugh and say at least you’re regular.

What if I Got Paid to Shit?

One day my friend, one day… Once you’ve proven your dedication to your craft (or crap) there may or may not come a time where people line up for your crappy left-over, repurposed or crapped out content. It’s up to your conscience to charge or not for these bits. I don’t blame you either way. An artist’s got to make a living anyways, right? The reality of the matter is there is such a thing as money, which significantly reduces friction in our lives and opens up spaces to explore, and it’s not necessarily a purveyor of good taste.

David Bowie made the most money at a time when he felt miserable as an artist and I don’t get why people pay millions for Andy Warhols. The point is never let money make you think your shit doesn’t stink or that your brilliance is rubbish.

Another Reason to Keep Pooping

Besides keeping your creativity in flow and allowing an outlet for the odd gold nugget lodged in your system, your crap content allows others to find you. Think of it as marking your digital territory.

What to do with Others’ Shit?

Just as your physical poop has much to teach you about your own health and digestive system, your creative poop points the way to a healthier and more balanced mind. If you look at someone’s creative poop and can analyse where it’s lost its goodness and can help the pooper in some way, do reach out. They may just appreciate a hand in helping them improve the content of their poop.

Nourish Your Mind For Good Creative Shit

Don’t consume anything less than honest to goodness shit. There’s a difference between a polished turd and a diamond in the rough. As Ange, Digestive Detective pointed out recently:

You can’t be committed to your bullshit and your growth. It’s either one or the other.

If this shit’s bothering you, then maybe go back to BS’ing yourself. Otherwise reach out and let me know where I can improve.

Over to you…

What creative piece of work have you allowed yourself to put out onto the universe today? Share with me by e-mailing