Who Do I Need on Team EDA?

So you’re preparing to go at it Solo. I’ve got some news for you.

You still need a support team around you to guide you, support you, ground you and excite you.

Who should be in your professional network? Don’t look too far. Chances are these people are already around you.

But before you start approaching everyone and their dog let’s take some time to plan our team.

Besides professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, business coaches, IT professionals, virtual assistants and of course, copywriters, you need a wide-array of personality types to challenge and support you and expand your views.

Hold your horses! Don’t start approaching anyone before you’ve taken stock of who you are first and foremost.

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is a good place to start to unravel your personal strengths and weaknesses.

This is Me in a Nutshell

I’m an ENFJ – The Protagonist, meaning that I feel strongly that I initiate all things good and bad which happen around me.  Like the protagonist of a book, my character drives plot and I’m always looking to push things forward by creating a bit of tension. I’m a natural leader who will jump in and voice opinions, if I feel I’m speaking for those who, for whatever reason will not speak up for themselves. More than likely I cop the fall-out from such free expression of views but the good news is that I’m strong and I can take the criticism.

My biggest downfall is that my self-esteem fluctuates and let me tell you, as a writer, my trust in my writing ability suffers and I get blocked, unable to put into words the feelings I’m harbouring inside.

As a natural leader, I learn by doing and have little patience with people who don’t seem to understand my vision or somehow waste my time by getting in the way of what I’m trying to achieve. I hate idle talk and I want to see action from others and when I don’t see it, I get disheartened. I’m also altruistic to a fault and always see good intentions in others’ actions leading others to believe I’m naive and have a tendency to become overly emotionally involved in others’ plight. I should just snap out of it and focus on my own goals as a writer, which is to finish my bloody book, “How to Create Time”.

Who I Need

Firstly, my team members must believe in my vision and consistently bring me inspiration to keep pushing forward to reealise my dream of earning a comfortable living from my writing, which is my gift and connection to a higher power. I feel my happiest when I’m tryping (sic! TRY-ping, it is) away, connecting ideas, using them to help others take action and again writing about how action will push further action in the right direction.

For me, action is writing, ironically and also living in accordance with what I write about – using technology to create more time to have high quality relationships with a handful of my nearest and dearest, those who accept me as I am, warts, insecurities, typos and all. We are masters of tools and in the case of social media/tech tools running our lives or setting our agenda, well – that’s just a blackhole and it’s what I seek to avoid as I try to take creative control of my own life and urge others on a mission to run their solo careers to take creative action and not rely on marketing trends, the newest, shiniest tools.

So these are the people Robert Gerrish, author of “Flying Solo” says we should have in our team as creative professionals (solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, microbusiness owners, however you define yourself):

  • A visionary/creative thinker – This is Matt Alderton of Bx
  • An economist / realist – Thankfully this is my partner, who happens to be a financial analyst and an ISTJ
  • A personal well-being manager – I’m not sure who this might be yet. This is someone who’s a healer, who takes time to make sure I’m doing well physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • A virtual assistant – I should grow my operations and the volume of enquiries I get before I can think about appointing a virtual assistant but am on the look-out for a junior, who’d benefit from getting work experience as an admin/communications coordinator.
  • A friendly geek/IT whiz – Thankfully this is my brother
  • A guiding light – I have a strong feeling that this might be Glin, who is doing the altMBA and with whom I plan to catch up on a regular basis.

And if you’re sitting out there wondering why you’re not on the list of who I need in Team EDA, well it’s easy.

Just start a conversation with me.

Engage with this post by commeting below, sign up to my newsletter, follow me on LinkedIn, take the time to get to know me but most importantly, get to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and values and purpose and if you feel we’re aligned, let me know. I’d be flattered.

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