Who am I and Who are You?

Want to build your personal brand?

There are six building blocks to start with. Below is my foundation.

1. Age/Culture (How you’re living out the culture of your generation):

I’m 38, the Sandwich generation, not a digital native, yet computer literate and I tend to balance online/offline time. Preferring more face to face and real time interactions these days as that’s where I find value.

2. Mission:

To amplify the efforts of high quality, driven, conscious and progressive Lower North Shore microbusinesses I work with by unearthing their unique story, build them a platform and receptive audience to ensure their story gets support and they find mentors (resources) and allies (clients, prospects, partners, etc…) to achieve their vision.

3. Values:

Integrity, transparency, clarity, brevity, simplicity, humanity, quality and TIME (My time will always be distributed the following way: Lucy, Martin, family, The 13th Gift, the novel I’m writing,  four high quality foundational clients who share my values, who have as much to give as they can take from me – I want to prevent burnout!!!, enjoy my life, find meaning, do the work I love with the people I love, earning a comfortable living).

4. Vision:

Acceptance into mainstream culture as prolific writer, 3 published books by 42 exploring the power of innate gifts, faith (all religions, power of energy/life), our connections, value of family, importance of attracting people who have the same values to set up our organisation/family and how to do this through living our values and setting an example

5. Weakness:

Tendency to please people, fall under other people’s influence and projections and going out of my way to try to help people who are not open to help.

6. Challenges:

Technical side of amplifying stories (platform for publishing posts across several social media platforms, or team who can develop the look and feel/websites/photos/videos for storytelling content) and finding it hard to get clients to share their personal journey stories with me. I have plenty of non-clients who share their life stories, but those people don’t need my help. I have to find a way to get clients to open up and share and then get them used to the idea of sharing intimate and personal stories with relative strangers.


Comment below with the following to start building your personal brand:

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  • Mission:
  • Values:
  • Vision:
  • Weakness:
  • Challenges:
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