What is the Quality of Your LinkedIn Network?

Time is the most valuable resource all of us have because we never really know how much of it we’ve got.  As such, instead of wasting time behind keyboards consuming content passively across social media channels such as LinkedIn, which we tell ourselves is good for business, how about we take control over what we see?

Yes, yes, yes, you will say, “but I don’t have control over the algorithm. LinkedIn serves me random garbage by people I don’t know and most of it adds no value to my day and gets me no closer to what I’d like to accomplish for my business.”

The truth is, you do have control.

You don’t have to keep growing your LinkedIn network with people you don’t know, whose quality of work you can’t vouch for, just because they reached out and wanted to connect with you.

Also, if you’re seeing content that doesn’t resonate with you, which doesn’t inspire or help you in some way, there’s a very simple way to remove it from your feed. Unfollow the person who posted it. It takes less than a second.

How Often Do You View Your LinkedIn Network?

Every three months I review my LinkedIn network to ensure only the people who I respect professionally are in there. Also, if I noticed that someone is passive on LinkedIn, posts no content or doesn’t post what I’d consider generous, thoughtful and smart content, I remove the contact.

Currently I have 80 people in my network and I’m not worried this will reduce my effectiveness as a business owner to get my message across. Those 80 people in my network are all active LinkedIn users who produce high quality content.

How to Get Inspired to Use LinkedIn Better?

I put together a template for anyone who feels they’ve lost their way on LinkedIn. Thinking of yourself as King Arthur, in charge of choosing your Merlin (mentor(s)),  your round table of knights and people who support the core values of your business and having definitive goals to lead you to your defined holy grail for your business will help you out.

Here’s the template for building a more powerful LinkedIn profile to attract quality leads to your network.

Start with your personal strengths as a professional and use this build your headline and summary to capture the essence of what it is you provide to your ideal clients.

Headline example: 

I help software developers and ICT professionals grow their business by communicating better and more consistently

Your Allies and Mentors

Your allies on LinkedIn are the people you’ve worked with or are currently working with. These could be your best clients, partners or past managers or colleagues you’ve had with whom you shared similar values.

You want to thank these people for the pleasure of having worked with them or getting to work with them. You can do this by providing them a recommendation or writing a post about some key learnings you took away from your work with them (and tag them).

Your mentors are people who mentored and coached you. You should also provide recommendations and dedicate posts to these people to express your gratitude for the growth you received from having them guide you in your career.

Your Goals

Though goals should be S.M.A.R.T, that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-specific, you want to focus on quality over quantity. Think about some of the qualities of the best people you got to work with.

Did they have a growth mindset, meaning they learned when they failed and kept trying out new things even though they knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work? Were they open to new challenges? Did they work within a specific industry? Were they sticklers to compliance and did everything by the books?

Whatever qualities defined these people is what you want to attract with your LinkedIn profile and your articles and posts you share on LinkedIn. Speak to their worldview by expressing how your products and services help them or how having your personality type in their team will help them grow.

If you’re keen for a second pair of eyes to look over your LinkedIn profile, schedule a FREE 15-minute appointment with me and let’s make you the master of your LinkedIn domain. 

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