What Colours Say About Your Brand

The colours we choose as individuals and brands can be highly impactful in influencing the people who are visual if we are careful in choosing the right colours to illustrate our message.

You’ll remember from your high school Physics class that we are limited as humans in sensing the energy around us. The frequencies we observe as colours, from lowest frequency to highest are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV).

Choosing the colours that vibe in the same frequency as your brand message is important if you want your message to resonate visually.

Here’s how to decipher the secret language of colour all around us and adapt the right colour(s) for your brand.

Red: The colour of danger, risk, temptation, excitement, anger, heat and fire, red’s an appeal to our animal nature. Even the coolest, calmest, most cerebral among us has the wild beast within him and let’s face it, it’s fun to be seduced and pursue whatever gets our blood racing. Red is the colour of the root chakra, which is associated with basic survival needs and physicality.

Some famous red brands are Virgin, Marlboro, Coca Cola and McDonald’s.

Orange: A warm, inviting colour, this one signifies youth and affordability. It’s also the colour of the Dutch Royal Family and hence maybe why INGD is orange and infatuated with orange-haired Isla Fischer. It is also the colour of the sacral chakra associated with creativity, emotions, fantasies and sexuality.

Yellow: Optimistic and cheerful, yellow is the colour of chicks, ducklings splashing in the water, golden rays of light which bathe photos taken before sunset and just after sunrise, Post-it notes, lemons and yellow VW bugs. Solar plexus chakra which is associated with gut instinct is yellow and using it we are able to make clear-headed decisions.

CBA is a yellow brand, as is Optus. They are both a little more innovative, fun and youthful in tone than the others in their industry, or maybe their colour fools us into thinking they are.

Green: To be green is to be young, inexperienced, open to growth and stretching of one’s boundaries. Green is the colour of nature, plants, trees, our environment and is a vibrant cololur full of life like a lush jungle. WritePublishGrow is green because we embody all things green; youth, nature, life and the heart chakra. When we listen with our hearts, the interconnectivity of humans to each other and nature unfolds and that’s a story old as time and in harmony with our being.

Other green brands are: Whole Foods, Starbucks, Acer and Android.

Blue: Blue is the colour of trust, security and protection and hence no surprise that finance and insurance are dominated by shades of blue. Police uniforms are also blue. Throat chakra, which is associated with communication and speaking the truth is blue.

Blue brands are: ANZ, Paypal, GE, Ford, Blue Cross Blue Shield (US insurance company).

Indigo: The colour of the third eye chakra is associated with intuition, wisdom, access to mystical states and illumination. It’s no wonder that the US dollar bill features a pyramid with an eye, as clearly the Founding Fathers were an aware group who are said to have mixed with the Illuminati. There’s truth to the third eye myth, however, as there’s scientific evident to show that it has evolved from an eyelike photoreceptor which some amphibians and reptiles still possess.

Violet: The colour of limitlessness, creativity, boundless connection and ecstasy, violet is WritePublishGrow’s other colour. The colour of the crown chakra, it is associated with communion with higher states of consciousness. Violet has the highest frequency in the colour spectrum.

Purple brands are Milka (ecstacy!), Cadbury (bliss), and Yahoo! (communion with higher states of consciousness?)

Over to you: What are the colours that define your brand and why were you attracted to these colours? What feelings do you get from having these colours around you?

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