Let’s talk about something so good that it keeps people up all night interacting with strangers from all over the world. It’s Clubhouse, the voice-based social media that’s got people buzzing and burning the midnight oil. The best thing about it for me is that it allows people to express their voice and themselves in real-time. I know when I’m talking to someone they are there, listening and responding.

Try that sort of immediacy and intimacy with Facebook messenger! Who else out there felt the frustration of waiting for hours for someone to get back to them, and wondering whether they’re being ghosted? Oh yes. Text-based social media will flare up all those insecurities.

I must admit though, once a writer, always a writer. The only opportunity on Clubhouse to express yourself in writing is the space provided for writing a biography. Think of that as your stage and that blank page is where you get the opportunity to stand out, connect and deliver an experience to the people who are reading your bio.

The art and science of an effective biography in three parts are, Stand out, Connect and Deliver.

Stand Out

We are all experts in something. All of us. You might have parenting tips having tried every strategy with your teenagers and found the ones that work for you. There’s a wealth of information there to share. It could be that you wrote and published your first book and can guide others on that journey too.

Whatever it is that you do extremely well, that makes you stand out, write your accomplishments associated with that ONE THING.

Some of my friends are polymaths and are good or outstanding at a wide range of things. Then that’s your ONE THING. You are that rare person, like Da Vinci, who is excellent at doing a multitude of things and this probably stems from your creativity or that your parents raised you a certain way or you acquired a growth mindset. Tell us more about that.

Don’t be shy, don’t play small, express yourself, and impress us in the first three lines of your biography.


Now that we know a little about you and where you excel, share your expertise with us in a way that’s quick and hassle-free for you. If you’re an author, maybe give us a sample chapter of your book or let us try your coaching services with a free consultation.

In your bio, you can pop in a link to a blog article that may be helpful to others or e-books and other information products in your area of expertise to lead people to your website and other digital assets. Make sure your digital assets are glowing by working with a marketing agency like Bros in Mktg that specialise in personal brand and digital image-making.

Some people use Clubhouse rooms as a place to share their expertise in a niche area. Give others a sample of what it is that you excel at, connect with them, include them in your story. The more people you share your gift with, the quicker you will grow a community. Whilst it’s great to be seen by so many people, it can get overwhelming too.

This brings me to the next point.


Be very clear about what people should contact you about. I’m always open to discussing how to improve writing and helping others start writing and publishing their books, for example.

I deliver people from a state of confusion about where to start writing about themselves, to clarity. This is the reason people contact me.

Over to you…

Now that you’ve written your bio, hopefully, you’re inspired to share more of your life story.

Is there a story that you want to get off your chest? Come join us on Clubhouse, Thursday evenings 9 PM Sydney time, noon UK time, 2 PM Turkey time to share your personal stories and profound moments in a safe space.

I look forward to getting to know you better!