The Three Hour Social Media Week

Are you using social media purposefully? Not the type of question one asks themselves as they’re scroling through their feed to see who’s vacationing where, who’s got the best beach bod, cutest ducky face, boyfriend, kids, goes to the best parties, concerts, wears the best clothes, has the most style, does the best wing-tip eye, and the list goes on.

This idea that time is valuable because it’s the only resource we never know how much we’ve got, only hit me about a year and a half ago when I had to ration the time I spend on unnecessary BS to be present for my daughter. The first thing that I had to put the brakes on was my social media usage. The reason being, Lucy grabs the phone of me and proceeds to break it if she ever catches me on the phone. She’s tough.

When I examined how I use social media and how randomly I get served up images and content, it became clear that this was not where I was in control. In my life, I only engage with the people of my choosing, friends, family, certain retailers and professional service providers.

On social media, I’m exposed to a glut of people, products and services. Many of which I don’t find appealing. So why was I being subjected to all of this content? I started to believe that very much like the adage “you are what you eat”, you are what you consume on social media.

I had to step back and think about my values.

This came around the time I signed up to do Avis Mulhall‘s excellent PurposeFul training to go on an inner journey to come up with gold as to what makes me tick and how I can use my writing gift to serve people who are aligned with my values.

Through PurposeFul, I identified my top three values;

1. Self-actualisation (helping myself and others present the best version of themselves),

2. Community (building groups with shared views/culture/emphasis on self-actualisation) and

3. Creativity (being my most creative self and encouraging others to express themselves)

Then just recently, I came across The Minimalists’ Social Media Manifesto outlining how they’re using social media this year, after having turned it off for a whole month back in January.

So I came to the following conclusions:

  1. I had to minimise the number of people/businesses I was connected with on social media to only those I felt aligned with in my values
  2. I had to minimise the time I spend on social media and use it only to share what would add value to the people I’m connected with.

Hence came out the The Three Hour Social Media Week. Here’s how it breaks down:


3 x week, between 1-1:10PM AEST on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s to keep in touch with people who inspire me like Eli Hochberg 💡@Anna McAfee who started movements like #30DS and #LinkedInLocal and to inspire others looking for ways to use LinkedIn better to improve their local, micro businesses, particularly in the Tech industry

Insta + FB:

To share insights on different personality types who become our clients and partners and how best to manage relationships with different personality types. The occasional cheeky photo of my 1.5 year old giving me life lessons

Twitter: To find and share great quotes from the likes of The Minimalists, Robert McKee’s Story Magazine, Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris and Neil Strauss, who all have great encouragement for creators like myself.

Including checking e-mails, my social media screen time is 3 hours per week. I check all channels between 2-2.30PM M-F to engage.

What about you? How are you taking control of your phone/social media?

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