Last Friday was a day of intense emotional labour. Going into meeting my former colleagues for a nice send-off with chocolate cake to say fare-wells and exchange well-wishes, I was armed with three things.

  1. Despite having lost my job – which many people associate with incompetence – CONFIDENCE that I am great at what I do (planning, writing and publishing stories to grow business impact) and have worked to the best of my ability always delivering what I said I would in the spirit of social inclusion.
  2. All the branded materials I had in my possession to give back to the company to symbolise my parting of ways with their brand to put all my efforts behind the one I’ve created and am growing, WritePublishGrow.
  3. L’Occitane’s Terre de Lumiere (which translates to golden hour, meaning that hour right after sunrise and before sunset that photographers prefer to give their images a warm glow) body lotion, perfume on me to give me the scent and glow of the new day before me. I also felt Imogen’s support, who’d gifted me these beauty products for Christmas.

OK, so you’re thinking, well these people are your former colleagues, why do you need the strength of an armour to see them?

Despite me being alright with everything and taking it as a sign to move forward with my own brand, the truth remained.

They had decided to get me off the company’s books.

Somewhere they had stopped seeing me as a living, breathing and growing human being. Instead they saw a number on the books. I wanted to ensure I was treating myself as humanely as possible before going out to meet minds who had doubts about the worth of a present and caring person.

The send-off went fine and the chocolate cake was enjoyed by the dozen or so old colleagues who gathered around. We shared laughs and then it was time to move on. Well, not before my old boss asked me about my little son. Those of you reading this might know that Lucy is very much a girl. So with that I knew and felt in my heart and mind that I was done.

Imogen, I hope you’re reading this.

Thank you for your gift. It’s made a tough day so very meaningful and beautiful. I continue to carry the promise of a new sunrise with me wherever I go.