The Recipe for an Irresistible Five-Page Website

Congratulations, you’ve got a website.

Is it working for you though?

You spent some money and are perhaps putting sweat equity into your website so that it helps you with your sales and products and service support (the good old FAQs) but how to get return on this investment of time and money?


Look at the websites of software developers who’ve become wildly successful.

For our purposes, I’ve taken a look at Atlassian, Basecamp and Mulesoft websites to see what they’re doing that makes the difference and takes them to worldclass status.

All of these websites have the five essential pages:

  • Home (where the heart is): On this page, have a tagline that defines what you do in simple terms. WpG tagline is: “Bringing Clarity, Brevity, Simplicity and Humanity to Technology”
  • About Us (Your WHY): State why you do what you do. For WpG it’s all about wanting the rest of the world to understand what the tech folk are up to through helping technologists communicate better.
  • Products and Services (How you deliver on your WHY): Atlassian, Basecamp and Mulesoft products and services all came out of “scratching their own itch” that is developing solutions to the problems they faced. WpG delivers on its WHY by working with technologists and decoding what they’re saying so those outside of tech circles can grasp and participate in technological advancement.
  • Resources (Freebies!): Be generous (and thoughtful and smart, HT Ashton Kutcher). This is why at WpG we give away resources on how to craft your elevator pitch, use LinkedIn in a way to build virtuous cycles, building your website and social media content in a way that will reflect who you truly are and invite others to engage.
  • Blog (Infor-tainment): If you’re a leader in your field, a software developer, that means you’re constantly trialling new things and seeing what works for you and your clients. You must be generous with the learnings you ‘re getting from all this trial and error. Start a blog talking about what works, what doesn’t and how to fix it. Invite others to share their experiences. It’s simple.

Download your cheat sheet on building your five-page website (that works!).

Let me know how you found it and what you adapted, what you discarded and what you added that was uniquely your own flavour.

Comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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