The Gaddie Pitch

Delivering a compelling elevator pitch is the difference between being in business or out.

Now a word of word of caveat, you should always consider who your audience is and tailor your elevator pitch to who these people are. You will ask for different things and levels of support from different groups of people.

Or better yet, ditch the elevator pitch. Just ask the people you meet who they are, what they struggle with and just stand back and listen instead.

However, today I’m following my business coach’s advice and am constructing an elevator pitch following the format Antony Gaddie of Green Ant Marketing suggests.

I have a few objections to how Antony has delivered his pitch and how his website and business look and feel online (why Green Ant? Where is the story behind the business name?) but I’ll put those aside and adapt what is useful to my business.

So my Gaddie elevator pitch in three parts:

You know how…

geeks are really passionate about technology and can talk on and on about functionality of some acronym or other, but no one outside of their geeky circles understand what they’re on about?

Well what WpG does is…

find real-life stories of how technology has helped small guys with lean budgets work better, faster and smarter to achieve better results than large institutions to help the geeks communicate the value of tech tools they’ve mastered or are developing.

In fact…

I know at least two techies who consistently service more clients and earn more money through clear communication and automation than their counterparts in large companies using expensive legacy systems.

Over to you

Go on, give the Gaddie method a go.

It’s not the elevator pitch I’ll be delivering as what I’m looking for is a support team of twelve tech minded business owners who want to become worldclass through communicating better and working smarter.

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