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“Eda always put my business goals first when she recommended any content planning and strategy. She looked at the market we were going after, did research into the decision makers and their concerns with their existing ICT systems to show how our expertise could help them. I’d highly recommend working with Eda for any businesses who know they need a content strategy and want to align content with their business goals”

 – Michael C., Technical Director, Creative Folks IT 

“Eda helped our Fintech start-up gain visibility within the ecosystem in Sydney through researching and identifying key players and then engaging them with eDMs, content and pitch decks. She also wrote and pitched news releases to relevant online and offline publications within our industry to raise awareness around what Findbroker is all about. She’s diligent, disciplined and outcome focussed.”

 – Peter L., Co-founder, Findbroker.com.au

“Eda brought boundless passion, energy and infectious positivity to every day at Filtered Media. I know that all those she worked with were enriched from her insights and experience in the industry” 

– Jonathan M., Content Producer, Filtered Media

“Eda has a detailed and outcomes-focused way of looking at the world of business. In her time at Filtered Media she investigated processes and reporting, and made insightful recommendations based on solid research and interesting data. I really enjoyed her worldview and the fresh perspective she brought to the team” 

– Kate E., Content Director, Filtered Media

“Eda is a sincere and open person who takes her job seriously, yet maintains a friendly demeanour with people involved within a project.

I have also read “Twelve Seasons of Growth”, her fictional account of the lives of a group of people whose paths cross in various combinations, narrated in turn from each of their perspectives. The twelve-part story showcases her ability to get into the heads of different types of people with very different natures and motivations, and explores their situations with empathy. Not only is this work a testimony to Eda’s passion for writing, it also demonstrates that she is a good observer of people and situations. Don’t hesitate to engage Eda on any projects where you need help communicating technical information to a group of people from non-technical backgrounds.” 


– Ganesh P., CTO, Buy on Platform

“Eda is an ambitious, thorough and enthusiastic media professional. Her dedication to whatever she is tasked with goes above and beyond. She is highly organised and systematic in her approach to sales and marketing processes, always looking for opportunities to improve both herself and those she works for. She is fantastic to work with and always brings a positive energy to any interaction”


 – Jake N., Digital Designer, World Vision


“I met Eda through my writers’ network and classes, where she stood out for her sharp mind, her sense of initiative, and story skills. Eda is an inquisitive, development oriented story teller, and I can recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in telling engaging stories, whether verbal, printed or otherwise” 


– Karel S., Lecturer/Story Analyst, The Story Department

“Eda is a diligent, creative, methodical and engaging content producer. I had the pleasure of working with Eda at Achieve Australia (NDIS provider) where she developed the content for social media which received attention and engagement from a previously passive online community. Eda involved Achieve Australia employees in the content production process which was also great for employee engagement. I’m convinced that Eda can make any subject interesting.”

Quaetapo, Digital Architect

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