Are you using your time wisely?

Not if social media has become a deeply engaging friend with whom you spend more than three hours a week.

Consider the number of valuable relationships you’re finding online versus time spent. I literally have three people who actually read my content, provide generous feedback and whose content I find valuable.

And guess what? One of them has become a friend in real life and I no longer have to seek her out on LinkedIn. Heck, she doesn’t have time to waste on LinkedIn. She’s busy running her own business and writing a book.

If you want to grow as a creative, use your time on social media wisely to only engage with people whose thoughts you find valuable. Read their blog and meet them in real life. Then cut out the middle-man, social media, and have a real-life relationship with them.

Look, I’m not gonna say social media is utter crap. It’s given me the opportunity to exchange some thoughts with people whose work I’ve admired for a very long time. I don’t know how else I could’ve reached them if they didn’t have social media accounts.

On the other side of the coin, Zuck, Dorsey and Hoffman are doing just fine without you evangelising their platforms. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, don’t just waste your life on social media looking at other people’s stuff reacting to what you see. Live your life and build a life.

Now as Seth Godin would say, “Go, make something happen”.

Over to you…

Thank you for your time and comment below on limiting your social media time and how that’s impacted your creativity.