Narrative Therapy (Click here if you want to understand how narrative therapy works by drawing out multiple stories) helps you express yourself better and connect with people in your family, organisation or community.

A one-hour FOUNDATION SESSION is essential for defining your personal blocks to clear self expression. Within a week of the session, you will be provided with a written document pinpointing the possible sources of misunderstandings, misgivings and miscommunications you’re experiencing.

The cost of the FOUNDATION SESSION is $147 AUD and is redeemable from your choice of narrative therapy packages listed below or any custom offer.

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Six one-hour narrative therapy sessions will get you started on your journey to finding out the things that truly matter to you and expressing those values more clearly in settings with your friends, family, workmates and other community members.

During the sessions, we will work together to identify whether it’s anxiety, stress, depression, physical ailments, lack of focus and attention, shyness, worries about the future that’s holding you back. We will externalise this part of you, give it a name, assign it some characteristics and find out how its presence has limited your enjoyment of life.

At the end of each session within a week, you will be provided with a written summary of what we’ve uncovered together. You will be invited to continue writing and start up a daily journaling practice.

Price: $840 AUD

T&Cs: Half payment upfront.

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Six hour-long sessions with written summaries PLUS we will work together to make a video from your family photographs and videos to document your life’s journey thus far to give you greater clarity on how you can enjoy the support of the people in your life as you continue to express yourself and your strengths better.

Remember, everyone in your life wishes nothing more than to serve you. Narrative therapy helps you identify how they can be of service to achieve more fulfilling relationships.

Price: $930 AUD

Ts and Cs: Half payment upfront. 

Eda is an ambitious, thorough and enthusiastic media professional. Her dedication to whatever she is tasked with goes above and beyond. She is highly organised and always looking for opportunities to improve both herself and those she works for. She is fantastic to work with and always brings a positive energy to any interaction.

Jake N., Digital Design Director

I met Eda through my writers’ network and classes, where she stood out for her sharp mind, her sense of initiative, and story skills. Eda is an inquisitive, development oriented story teller, and I can recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in telling engaging stories, whether verbal, printed or otherwise

Karel S., Lecturer/Story Analyst, The Story Department

Eda has the empathy to draw out personal stories from emerging writers.  She founded a writers’ group that went on to publish an engaging anthology together. She gave us the courage to open up and share our narratives about coming to live on the North Shore of Sydney, which was what we had in common at the time. She took us from novice writers to published authors.

Suzanne Little, Environmental Writer