WritePublishGrow offers writers story workshops, face to face or online mentoring, feedback and editing services. We also work with individuals wishing to tell their family’s story using photos and video presentations on special occasions and family gatherings. We know everyone’s story is unique and we work with you to produce the perfect customised creative project to meet your self-expression needs.

Alternatively, we can assess your manuscript or writing project and recommend the service that will best serve you in getting a step closer to seeing your writing in print. The assessment fee is deductible should you choose to continue with WritePublishGrow services.

Get in touch, Eda@WritePublishGrow.com to find out more.

The Write Package


In these workshops, you will be presented with story structure basics and will get a chance to read your work and receive feedback on:

  • Characters, can we identify with them?
  • Plot, are there holes, and enough drama to push it forward?
  • Dialogue, is it revealing character or falling flat?

Price: $30AUD per 90 minute workshop, 4-6 writers, $120AUD for a 60 minute one-on-one

E-mail me, Eda@WritePublishGrow.com to express your interest in story workshops.



Our network of professional editors provide proofreading, line editing and structural editing services.

Proofreading corrects the mechanics of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and minor formatting issues.

Line edits fix issues relating to verb tenses, word forms, sentence structure and paragraphing.

A structural edit is comprehensive and resolves the following common problems:

  • Plot holes. These are inconsistencies within the story.
  • Inauthentic characters that appear too perfect or pure evil.
  • Continuity errors in names, places, history and time.

A structural edit involves close collaboration between the author and the editor.

Price: $800AUD – $1000AUD for a standard 60,000 – 90,000 word manuscript

Ts and Cs: Half payment upfront. 


Make an impact at your next family event, birthday, wedding, anniversary, reunion, funeral or any other gathering, with a presentation that tells your family’s story in a unique way. Pick the songs, the photographs and artwork that will entertain and engage at your next family function and let WritePublishGrow bring the presentation to life for you.

This service involves close collaboration between WritePublishGrow and event organiser.

Here’s WpG Family’s Christmas 2020 Video.

Price: $80 for a presentation with a maximum of 15 photographs

Ts and Cs: Payment upfront.

Jake Norris

“Eda is an ambitious, thorough and enthusiastic media professional. Her dedication to whatever she is tasked with goes above and beyond. She is highly organised and always looking for opportunities to improve both herself and those she works for. She is fantastic to work with and always brings positive energy to any interaction.”

Jake Norris, Creative Director, Jake the Thinker
Karel Seger

“I met Eda through my writers’ network and classes, where she stood out for her sharp mind, her sense of initiative, and story skills. Eda is an inquisitive, development-oriented storyteller, and I can recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in telling engaging stories, whether verbal, printed or otherwise.”

Karel Segers, Film Producer, The Story Department
Suzanne Little

“Eda has the empathy to draw out personal stories from emerging writers.  She founded a writers’ group that went on to publish an engaging anthology together. She gave us the courage to open up and share our narratives about coming to live on the North Shore of Sydney, which was what we had in common at the time. She took us from novice writers to published authors.”

Suzanne Little, Author, Pieces of North Shore
David McFadden

“It was a pleasure working with Eda who played a key role in realising my dream of seeing my personal essay in print form in an anthology called “Pieces of North Shore”. WritePublishGrow is a great method for drawing out personal stories, editing and getting them published so your friends and family can see that you’re a real writer with a real book. Having had my story published by WritePublishGrow has opened doors for me as a writer and has helped me get more pieces published. I highly recommend this service.”

David McFadden, Author, Pieces of North Shore
John Rich Testimonial

“Eda was instrumental in drawing out my mother’s life story. She’s a dedicated interviewer, who gives her full attention, captures the fine sensory details of a life story. Eda was patient with us even at times when we struggled to find the English words for Polish concepts and words. Eda is a dedicated writer and editor who helped my mother achieve her life-long dream of seeing her story in print, in a booklet. I recommend her and WritePublishGrow biography writing service highly. Thank you, Eda.”

John Rich, Author, Networking Games
The Portrait of a Lady

“Eda did a wonderful job telling my life story thus far for my 70th birthday. She puts her whole heart into her projects and I would recommend her services highly and am not just saying that because I’m her Mum 🙂 I’m an artist before all else and her work has artistic merit. I’m very proud.”

Emine Oztash, Artist, My 70th Birthday!
Karine Pham

“Eda’s enthusiasm and positive energy made our co-authored book, “Expat’s Guide to Sydney” possible. I recommend her highly for anyone who wishes to see their book published.”

Karine Pham, Author, Expat's Guide to Sydney
Eliza and Book

“Thank you, Eda, for listening to my story, writing it, getting it edited and printed. It is a family treasure.”

Eliza Taylor, Author
Claire Mitchell

“Eda is an enthusiastic writer, publisher and creative who offers inspiration and ideas to authors to get their names and books out there to their readers. I attended Eda’s workshops for authors and got ideas for setting up and managing my social media content to promote my blog and my books, “Mosman Meanders and Foreshore Flavours”, “AlFreshco” and “Through the Heads to Balmoral, Sydney”. I feel Eda’s encouragement and supportive presence and enthusiasm for my creative endeavours and am grateful for that.”

Steve Hui

“Eda interviewed me for an article about how I started iFLYflat and asked insightful questions that drew out my business’s birth story. Eda’s gift is capturing the emotions behind actions and presenting them in a structured way as a written story. Written in a beautiful way that when I read it, I found myself interested in my own story. “

Steve Hui, Business Owner, iFLYflat
Ganesh Prasad

“Eda is a sincere and open person who takes her job seriously, yet maintains a friendly demeanour with people involved within a project.

I have also read “Twelve Seasons of Growth”, her fictional account of the lives of a group of people whose paths cross in various combinations, narrated in turn from each of their perspectives.

The twelve-part story showcases her ability to get into the heads of different types of people with very different natures and motivations and explores their situations with empathy. Not only is this work a testimony to Eda’s passion for writing, and it also demonstrates that she is a good observer of people and situations.”

Ganesh Prasad, Author, Bid on Print

“Eda is a diligent, creative, methodical and engaging content producer. I had the pleasure of working with Eda at Achieve Australia (NDIS provider) where she developed the content for social media which received attention and engagement from a previously passive online community. Eda involved Achieve Australia employees in the content production process which was also great for employee engagement. I’m convinced that Eda can make any subject interesting.”

Quaetapo, Digital Architect, Quaetapo.com