WpG ensures that your communications are crystal clear and engaging at all times.

We provide a one-hour foundation session to flesh out your ideal client(s), what problems your products and services solve for them and how you deliver your products and services.

That foundation session is $120 and is required before taking up the Publish and Grow service packages listed below.

The Write Package

The Write Package

Are you a professional services provider (an accountant, financial planner, IT consultant, executive coach, lawyer, health care or general care provider, anyone with clients) struggling with producing documentation, reports and case studies to practively respond to client FAQs and demonstrate your expertise to win bigger jobs?

With this package you get 5 hours/month with a communications professional to proofread, edit and write documents (e-mails, documentation, reporting, case studies, websites) for you so that you always know that you’re being understood.

  • Helps you write clear and concise e-mails that get responses
  • A helping hand with long training manuals and documentation
  • Collaboratively produce case studies and capability statements to wow! your prospects

Price: $300/month (5 hours/month at $60/hour)

Ts and Cs: First month’s payment up front. Minimum three-month commitment. Any work going over 5 hours/month will be charged at a $80/hour rate.

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The Publish Package

Are you struggling getting responses to your e-mails, newsletters, blog articles, social media posts? Do you need additional help on top of proofreading, editing and writing internal documents?

Then this is the package for you.

  • Proofreading, editing and writing any e-mails, training docs and documentation
  • Strategic advice and positioning for social media
  • Collaboratively create your social media and blog publishing calendar
  • Find and refine your audience to generate leads

Price: $600/month (10 hours/month at $60/hour)

Ts and Cs: First month’s payment up front. Minimum three-month commitment. Any work going over 10 hours/month will be charged at a $80/hour rate.

The Write Package

The GROW Package

Are you working long hours but not seeing the results?

Chances are you need to communicate your value better. This means you will need to offer new products and services and attract better clients who understand your value.

Let’s GROW with the GROW package.

  • Write better internal comms, training materials and documentation
  • Co-create offers for more profitable products and services that your clients and prospects will want
  • Discover and communicate your unique value proposition to the right audience, one that’s hungry for what you can do

Price: $1,200/month (20 hours/month at $60/hour)

Ts and Cs: Half payment up front. Any work going over 20 hours/month will be charged at a $80/hour rate.

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Eda brought boundless passion, energy and infectious positivity to every day at Filtered Media. I know that all those she worked with were enriched from her insights and experience in the industry.

Jonathan M, Content Producer, Filtered Media

Eda is an ambitious, thorough and enthusiastic media professional. Her dedication to whatever she is tasked with goes above and beyond. She is highly organised and systematic in her approach to sales and marketing processes, always looking for opportunities to improve both herself and those she works for. She is fantastic to work with and always brings a positive energy to any interaction.

Jake N., Digital Designer, World Vision

I met Eda through my writers’ network and classes, where she stood out for her sharp mind, her sense of initiative, and story skills. Eda is an inquisitive, development oriented story teller, and I can recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in telling engaging stories, whether verbal, printed or otherwise

Karel S., Lecturer/Story Analyst, The Story Department

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