Colours and Motifs

As fashion houses release their plans for the seasons to come, every year for the past two years I’ve been focusing on a theme. 2018 belonged to the colour green and I followed the green of the US Dollars to their birthplace, DC. This past year belonged to lavender and we spent time in Istanbul cradled on the lavender hues of the Bosphorus picking lavender blossoms and bringing that scent with me wherever I went.

This year the concept is roses. I love how they look and smell and the softness of the petals against my skin. I will try to cook with rose water when I can and wear rosy pink hues to celebrate the softness of feminity in everything I do.

My word to focus on will be “clarity” as 2020 does bring with it an expectation that my awareness of the world will increase. If your intuition is something you’re interested in honing, then the thing to practice is inner work, which is sometimes called meditation. For me, it takes the shape of noticing my emotional reactions to events, conversations and people throughout my day and journaling at the end of the day to hopefully reveal the source of the feelings I experienced.

Inner work is something I started putting effort into since the beginning of 2018. I realised I needed to organise the shelves of my mind, shedding it of thoughts that limited me on a regular basis because I kept running into the same dead-ends. I needed to make room for better things to come to my life. It’s like when you have an old vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work but you refuse to throw it away, you can never get one that works a treat.

One of the things that held me back was an obsession with making money. I wanted to make money from writing to prove to myself my gift is worth a damn, so focus my mind on money, right? That was my stupid reasoning. I was and am materialistic which causes me to be impatient with my writing abilities. I expected to publish before I wrote, to make money before having a regular writing practice and readers.

If you want to be a writer, focus your mind on writing each and every day. If you’re in finance, focus your mind on making money for yourself and others. I was so mixed up, what perhaps having a partner who’s in finance hijacked my thoughts and I needed to give myself space to just write every day. Fortunately, this is beginning to happen and I am seeing the fruits of my efforts.


I will finish the first draft of a book about three Christmases and what meaning can be brought into this holiday within the system we have in the world these days. It appears we are more focused on the physical than the spiritual and as a result, people are losing a sense of balance, or at least I was.

I’m also wanting to write a series of essays about people who’ve found alternative currencies or live outside of the economic system and whether that’s brought fulfillment or they still fall into the same ego traps those of us working within the traditional economy face. My guess is, it doesn’t matter what currency you use, or what type of economy or belief system you subscribe to, if you haven’t figured out your personal values, made peace with who you are, you will not enjoy life. Enjoyment of life is an art form that’s available to all as we are all creative beings. We need to give ourselves space to breathe in the creative spirit, I think.

I’m also wanting to write a historical essay to enter a competition held by the Lane Cove Historical Society each year. I’m interested in the spirit of human dwellings and am going to focus my research on a particular house where illegal abortions were performed. The mental state of the people who entered the home and how that energy may have changed or stayed over the years with people entering and leaving the house is what I’m most interested in.


Lucy will turn four and Zoe two this year. As with every year, November and December will be a time to stay in Lane Cove, not venturing far outside of our home and neighbourhood. There will be efforts to get Lucy and Zoe placed into a happy, positive and playful daycare centre so they stay curious, connected and engaged with their peers, all of us at home and with what’s happening in the world.

Daily tea parties at 4PM with mum and brother will continue. Tuesday morning Turkish breakfasts may extend out to other people who may want to join Martin, me, Akin and the girls.

Dad will turn 70 and hopefully retire. We are celebrating with a film to inspire his rebirth into a new life.


In my view, spirituality has close ties with exercise in that mind, body and spirit are whole. Yoga and writing is how I practice spirituality. My daily writing of 1,500 words and dream journaling will continue as will three Yoga sessions per week, primarily Hatha sometimes Yin if I need to just relax and take it easy.


I am wanting to lose weight so before Yoga sessions, I am planning to take ten minutes on a stationary bike or do High Intensity Interval Training to raise my heartbeat.


February is when my partner’s fund launches and I will have finished the first draft of my manuscript. There will be a celebration, perhaps at Tetsuya’s. My intention is for a date night every month but I’m realising this might be hard with my partner’s workload so we will have at least five dates this year (Gunners’ Barracks, a night of dance and the Botanic House among them) and lots of time for just hanging out with the girls, quietly watching them play.

I’m hoping to do regular bushwalks on Sundays with Lucy, a couple of close friends and their boys. I hope to gain a better appreciation of nature for myself and Lucy.


There are many birthdays sprinkled through the year and my intention is to make each of my friends feel special on their birthdays. I intend to be a better friend by listening more, speaking less and being present whenever someone wishes to speak with me.

Over to you…

What are you planning for the year ahead? Let me know if any of it includes me,