People Like Us… They don’t have to live in my neighbourhood

I had my mind expanded on Friday by Davy of Davy & Tracy . He was generous with his time and I’m grateful because he helped me realise one very important thing: Awesome people who value their time above all, who want to reach self-actualisation, the top of the Maslow Hierarchy of needs, who want more connection and high quality relationships (not more things or ownership of luxury anything) don’t just live on the Lower North Shore suburbs of Sydney.

Oh my God! Let me take a minute for that to sink in yet again.

Yes, many people on the Lower North Shore are trading in hours in the office for hours on their laptop designing the life they want and taking control of the income they are earning. So, yes I’m well placed around entrepreneurial, proactive people who see a way out of the M-F 9-5 grind. They are integrating their work and life but there are people worldwide who are also making this shift happen.

Stupid me, I should’ve known sooner that people like us (who put value on time and not money) exist in corners of the world outside of the Lower North Shore.

Seth GOD-in, whose word I take pretty much as gospel gets questions from around the world on his podcast, Akimbo. This should’ve been my clue that there are people who think outside of the box on every corner of the world, in places like Brazil, Curacao, U.S., Canada and many many others.

Maybe because Australia’s got a small population, so far, I can’t recall any questions coming out of Aussies aired on Akimbo. I’ll keep listening for it, of course.

“The distance between two minds is understanding.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

So why was I discounting people outside of my 1 km radius? I didn’t feel I could build relationships with people living so far away but again Davy blew that limiting belief right out of the water.

I used Davy’s ScheduleOnce account to set up my appointment with him from my laptop in Crows Nest, into his diary where he’s sitting in Vermont (or he could be in Chicago, Mexico or wherever in the world, as they are nomads. Their location is a minor detail anyways) and was reminded leading up to our scheduled appointment to be present for our meeting by e-mail.

When the appointment time came, I dialed an Australian number provided by Zoom and entered a few numbers provided in the e-mail to enter the conference call and it was as simple as that. Next I had Davy on the line sounding like he was an American expat on the Lower North Shore.

After our conversation, I’d changed my views on who my ideal client is. He does not have to live on the Lower North Shore.

It’s anyone who shares the worldview that time is the most valuable resource, and realises that his strengths are what’s driving his business.

His business is his lab and he’s contantly trialling new tools and approaches to reach like-minded people on their journey towards freedom from the demands of a job, where they can enjoy setting their own agenda and placing the important things (family, their creative work, whatever that may be that helps them feel a sense of connection to the divine and grounding) in the centre of all they do. This person is also highly concerned with efficiency and will always use tools like money and automation to save time. Time is the most valuable resource becase none of us know how much of it we’ve got. The aim of life is to make the time we’ve got matter.

Thank you Davy the time you spent with me has mattered and will materialise as improvements in my copywriting practice.

Watch this space.

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