“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return” – Nature Boy by Nat King Cole, written by eden ahbez (sic)

Here we are at the end of the year, nearing Christmas and I look back on the articles I’ve written this year.  I could sense some changes coming up for me and I have transformed. I accepted my writing gift and published my book “The Wisdom of Gifts.”

I feel I am now back on track becoming the person I was always meant to be – my natural self intended by nature before my parents’ collective unconscious fears and traumas instilled doubts of my gifts. My numbness is giving way to pleasures and pains of life around me which I’m becoming sensitive to and am able to express in my writing.

One by one, what was keeping me from the truth, is dropping off. I’m shedding dead leaves, the beliefs of generations before me who lived under conditions where scarcity was created and the fear of not having enough pushed people to hide their true selves. Many of the people in my family, like most middle class families everywhere, live in pretension of their own righteousness to preserve the status quo. When it comes to talking about our feelings and being truly present with each other, we all feel uncomfortable. For me, the need to meddle in other people’s lives and set them straight is giving way to turning the focus inwards. I still indulge in it and it’s not draining me the way it used to. I’m finding myself getting curious about why the feelings, even ever slight, of anxiety, jealousy, and anger start to rise within me in certain situations.

Spending time in nature under the guidance of our community chaplain has been a catalyst for finding the nature within me, which is love.


I am now establishing my roots in Lane Cove.

Without a healthy root system, a tree cannot draw up nutrients from the soil to grow strong and healthy. I will put much attention to ensuring that I tap into the wisdom of others in my community, the people who find value in their own lives and the memoir writing process, to nourish my business, WritePublishGrow.

Roots provide support and it is the support we receive from our community that gives us, the creative businesses, a sense of safety and security. This is what I will be focusing on in 2022. In return I will be the safe space for others to share their stories.

I will spend my time among those who value the wisdom of their own lives and as a result value others’ lives.


Leaves are relationships. These are to me, the clients I will work with. As I develop roots, it is inevitable for leaves to appear as my business starts to branch out. Leaves capture the energy of the sun and transform it to nourishment. With my clients, I will capture the light in their stories and write it down so it becomes nourishment for their souls, a book that guides them on their path as they pass their values to generations to come or to use it to grow themselves in whatever endeavor they wish to undertake, be it growing their own small business, coaching or spiritual practice.


Buds give rise to flowers and fruits. These are the books we will write together, our beautiful gifts to share with our loved ones. What can be better for the soul than to take what’s been stuck in our heads, combine it with our heart’s content, our emotions, and bring it to the physical world in the form of a written or an audio book?

Collaborating, listening to stories, finding the inner gold, the wisdom, and expressing it in writing is my nature. I’d been away from it too long and now the time is right that I get back into it. May my nature connect you with your true nature.

Over to you…

What beliefs are you shedding so you keep growing? What seeds are you spreading that will bear delicious fruit?