As I get ready to go to market, presenting what WritePublishGrow offers to those with dreams of publishing their life’s stories, I wanted to talk about the importance of sales.

Many people, including myself, find sales to be pushy, icky, and unnatural. This is a belief that limits my potential. If I am to run a business, making a sale is a big part of it. Without clients who’ve signed a contract that gives us clarity and certainty on the expectations, how much will be paid, when certain stages of the project will be delivered, we are lost.

Publishing my own book was a small miracle enabled by the fact that the amazing people I worked with were able to make a sale. Without the bond that comes from using that magnificent tool, we’ve created, called money, which has the magical ability to bring visions to life with deadlines, where would we be?

Yet, we blame money for nearly all of our problems. When we do that, money, not ourselves, which can be unkind, cruel, abusive, bullying, stingy, fearful, anxious, full of ego or depressed gets a bad reputation. Interestingly, we say the economy goes through cycles of boom and bust and not the collective psyche. Have we ever stopped to consider that the volatile ups and downs a country or a business goes through is largely related to the mental health of its leaders?

So today I am recognising that my mental health is at the helm of all my decisions, not my money situation which can change like the wind because there are many people out there who want to write books and they need the services WritePublishGrow provides. If I am confident, I charge them enough to cover my costs, feel valued for my time (including the back and forth I do with suppliers and freelancers), the business will blossom, otherwise it has no chance.

To attract money, I must go out there with certainty and confidence and for many people who have money, certainty can be delivered in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. So with that in mind, below is the content of my PowerPoint on WritePublishGrow and what it offers to writers.


  • Established in 2014 as a writers’ group, published an anthology (7 authors, 13 pieces) of personal essays in 2016
  • Specialises in life stories
  • Intimate understanding of challenging family dynamics
  • Self-care is a big part of our process.
  • We believe compassion and understanding towards ourselves lead to compassion and deeper bonds with all the people we choose to write about in our books.
  • In our books, the antagonist is always the darkness or fog associated with being in an unbalanced mental state. We believe that this is the only thing that keeps us from seeing the light in ourselves and others.


  • Magic – bring a little spark, a spring with your step, allow ideas to blossom
  • Creativity – make things appear out of thin air
  • Community – create the atmosphere for the exchange of gifts and services
  • Inclusion – build a bridge to those who feel alone in their own deserted islands
  • Balance – harmonise, don’t let the loudest voices dominate
  • Growth – find those parts of yourself that need strengthening
  • Humanity – your presence is the gift you offer to the world

What’s included in a WritePublishGrow Membership?

  • Complimentary 1-hr coaching session (valued at $120 AUD)
  • 25% off on workshops (we do 9 of these per year. They are deep dives on topics like how to create a flawed character, how to escalate tension, how to work with family and gain support (or get rid of negativity) for your memoir, setting up a writing ritual, meditation and yoga to increase your creative flow…)
  • A written interview on our blog and video interview on social media channels to promote your book or services
  • Free interview coaching (we work with you to come up with the best questions to ask you)


  • A daily Clubhouse room (6 AM AEST) dedicated to setting an intention and writing for 50 minutes (open to the public for free)
  • Free memoir writing training and worksheets
  • Monthly memoir writing and discussion group at the Lane Cove Library (Coming in January!)
  • FB and Instagram accounts where writing and story tips, interviews with authors and creatives are shared
  • WritePublishGrow newsletter (sign up on the homepage)


Yearly membership is currently $120 AUD (for the first 12 sign-ups) to access community and writing tools. Considering you get a free 1-hr coaching session valued at $120, it pays for itself very quickly!

Over to you…

What are your services and how are you packaging them up for your market?