Navigating NEEDs and WANTs; My Keyboard is my Compass

Life isn’t meant to be hard.

It is character that makes it challenging. If there is no resistence or fight in the human spirit then it becomes quite easy. You simply go with the flow.

So this question of WANT and NEED is one that keeps coming up for me. Firstly, I’ve got this Story Analyst, I’m talking to who in his own words is very good at giving people what they need (presumably a dose of reality about their writing) as opposed to what they want (praise, I suppose?). I should ask him when we catch up next, what exactly is a NEED and how is it different than a WANT in his world.

In economics, a NEED is one of the basic human needs for survival. This could be shelter, water, food, clothing, air to breathe, basically anything to keep our bodily functions going but a WANT is something on a higher level. When basic needs are met, people turn to WANTs, something that will take them closer to self-actualisation, and ironically these can be things like brand name clothing or big brand items, which in a way, by creating myth, story, mania around them become objects of desire. The cult of Apple anyone?

So this question of WANT and NEED has come up again in talking to a writer friend. He says he will retire and hence feels no need to tell his story.

As if we can retire from writing.

It’s a lifelong sentence this blessing/curse, cure/affliction or obsession with observation, documenting and sharing life as we see it. It becomes a practice like Yoga, where each day you wake up to STRETCH YOUR MIND, be more sensitive to the nuances so you can report back on these things to an audience that marvels at how many more layers to reality than they perceive. Hopefully, they will be inspired to fine tune their senses, get in touch with their feelings and express their reality through their chosen medium, be it leadership (I mean true and inspirational leadership, think Martin Luther King), painting, stringing words, creating new objects, habits or any other form of ART.

OK back to WANT and NEED. He’s implied that through life choices (and mind you, something in me has always led me to the alien where I spent time with people very unlike myself and had to understand the world through their eyes) I’ve ended in a place that I thought I needed.

Here’s the thing. Reality is subjective.

The many people around me whom I find difficult because they are unlike me, they possess amazing qualities. They are all doing what I want to do. Sharing their gifts to benefit others and they do this within the framework of a job and receive payment or it. Their gifts are different to mine. I have not grown enough as a person to make use of their gifts and them continuing to give me these gifts just frustrates both sides.

These people around me that I’m trying to give my gift of story writing are just not ready for it. OR… and this is a BIG OR, they don’t trust me.

So this is why I am writing.

It helps me figure these things out.

It’s true last Christmas I ended up with 12 gifts, many of which I did not WANT. Perhaps they were what I NEED-ed to understand and consider the people around me and see their TRUE GIFTS.

Stay tuned…

The 13th Gift is the novel and there will only be 13 copies available. I hope it will drive profound change in myself (“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi)

My deadline for this project is the next family Christmas feast. The impact I want to make is for my loved ones to realise that I’m a writer first and foremost. I want them to see that the only gifts I’m interested in are innate ones that can be uncovered through deep conversations which involve getting in touch with one’s feelings and having faith that STOPPING and sharing feelings will bring joy.

That’s what I WANT. But I NEED to grow to RECEIVE this.

And the only way to grow?

Well, that’s WritePublishGrow…

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