Leading up to 2019 I was confronted by a question that perplexed me.

“When are you going back to work?” or another version of it,

“What are you doing about your career?”

Those of you who’ve been following my writing for a while will know that for the eight I’ve been on this great big island known as Oz, the one thing I chased relentlessly was a career where I’d make a big difference. I wanted to smash KPIs, grow audiences and overall kill it as a marketing/sales person in digital marketing, outbound sales, whatever channel available to me and all of that drive has gotten me a big fat ZERO.

I came up against many dead ends which inevitably led to getting fired (I wanted companies with toxic cultures suppressing the creativity of their people to go through an overnight change) or quit because I was too frustrated with how slow things were moving in what I perceived as the right direction. In my head, I was always right and the manager or the business owner I was up against was wrong.

I even began writing a book, coached by a writing coach who wasn’t actively writing his own book.

See the problem there?

What did someone who wasn’t taking the time to do his own work had to teach me about getting my own creative vision out?

He did what any blocked creative would do. He projected his own creative ideas onto my book until “Job and the City” a woman’s frustrations with always wanting to be on top (of her career) became a distorted funhouse mirror reflection of his own twisted world.

And of course “Job and the City” never saw the light of day because it wasn’t and isn’t my story. It was immature writing where the protagonist wasn’t developing in any way. She stayed an ungrateful fuckwit (Sorry Daryl, this is my blog, I’ll curse if I want to. Give up trading and start your own!) despite all the lessons thrown at her in various jobs that didn’t fit.

What did I learn from my creativity coach?

Firstly, never trust anyone who hasn’t done the work himself.

Why was I so convinced that I could lead companies to success when I only have a measly following of 8 subscribers to my newsletter, 23 likes on my FB page and no more than a hundred views of my LinkedIn posts? As for my hundreds of Twitter and Insta followers, I think I bought them at some point and to be honest, they are not active consumers or readers of the content I put out so their value is next to nothing.

Towards the end of 2018 I made a DECISION. I’m not a marketer, I’m not a salesperson. I’m a WRITER. I figured out my core values and am starting a fresh new year knowing what’s ESSENTIAL.

Growth and Transformation Through Writing

My vision as a writer for 2019 is, surprise, surprise! lots of writing.

This means writing my blog, my book, contributing content as a guest writer/blogger. I will be going out there and finding places where my voice will bring even greater harmony and richness to the content.

Honour the Divine Feminine

Taking care of myself and my young family is essential to my growth as a writer. My family is where I learn important life lessons about people, their emotional drives. I can foresee changes ahead for my partner and I want to restore my emotional wells each and every day to give him the best of me each time he comes up against uncertainty.

I want my internal garden to fluorish so that its fruits can feed my girls whose hungry bodies (my newborn is a bottomless pit when it comes to feeding) and minds (my two year old doesn’t seize in asking “is this?” meaning “what’s this?”) need nourishment.

I don’t want to give them toxicity which comes out of stagnant wells where I’m not finding the time to let my writing out and I certainly don’t want them starving in a famine because I haven’t had time to myself to restore my wells.

Share My Gift with My Community

And finally, I’m approaching institutions such as palliative care networks and schools in my community to share my writing gift for them. I want their stories out in our community, circulating, mingling among the people so that stronger bonds can be forged.

This is my vision for a happy, healthy 2019 full of writing, publishing and growing.

Over to you…

What’s your vision for a happy. healthy 2019 where you’re finding an outlet for your innate creative gifts?