Mastermind BETA Version Starting Feb 2018

You know my personal journey as I’m blossoming into a writer who specialises in Microbiographies, capturing the essence of the people I come in contact with.

If you want to keep in touch as my Business Model unfolds in a way that’s aligned with my strengths and personal values and can see yourself getting involved in the Mastermind at some point, then I welcome you to connect with me on social media (click on the buttons below)

Thank you always for your valuable attention.

NEXT WEEK: We will start with the foundation of Business Model YOU. I will send an informative e-mail on the changes taking place in our economy and why you need to start thinking of yourself as a business.

IN THE COMING WEEKS: I will share some hints on how to bargain on the price of the Mastermind offering. Hey, I’m Turkish, we practically invented the art of bargaining. I will also make the cost transparent to you by breaking down how much of my time goes towards project management and writing the book so you can see what’s involved behind the scenes.

Til then…

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