Living a Life of Passion – Practical or a Foolish Dream?

How to quiet the ghosts from the past?

Some refuse to be left in the past and should indeed come back into focus and join you as a new road appears before you.

This road is different. It’s the one that you’re writing. No more feeling like a supporting character in other people’s twisted reflections of the truth. This is your rebirth as a freelancer.

The ghost that I want to keep bringing back into focus is a fellow writer from a company where I detected breaches in integrity.

We both deserved better. I was lucky. I got better. I got fired.

“Oh you’re a grown woman, why can’t you just accept that adults lie… All the time?”

I know that I should accept this universal truth but somehow my honesty keeps challenging it and I end up pissing off the people who sit above me in the way companies are organised. I found that these powers that be would rather lie to themselves than grow up.

This is why today I’m running my own company of one – me, myself and I. So far, I’ve delivered on all of my promises to the people I wrote for. OK, so I haven’t written for many others. A couple of cafes. Big deal you think. But you know what? I love those guys who put themselves on the line and are working for themselves day in and day out. The little guys, the microbusinesses, the ones without huge marketing budgets.

I’m one of them.

I work within their budget so that we both grow through delivering on our promises. I give them the stories that whet the appetites of their customers. They put out the premium coffee and food that the thrills the tastebuds like Debussy’s Clair de Lune touches the heart.

As for my former co-worker stuck in purgatory, come with me, I say. Make the leap. You’ll land somewhere I promise you. I don’t think he believes me and probably sees that it’s hard work simply being yourself and working for yourself under your own principles which come directly from your heart. No branding or communications team had to write down my values, my mission or vision. They are innately me, myself and my business.

I wonder what he’ll think when he reads these very lines and when I tell him that for the past two months I’ve been building up my business, I’ve yet to break my first $1000 but that I have faith I will replace the income from a job and regain my sense of who I am.

Crazy or practical… You decide. I just see a road and hope desperately that as I keep making my way on it my friends and family, who think I’m crazy will join me. Without them coming along, it’s all too easy to get lost.

Dear former colleague, do you trust me? If you do, let’s work on your online presence together. This is a ballsy offer. Will I be rejected? Only way to find out. Hit PUBLISH and share this.

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