I recently unsubscribed from Seth Godin’s content.

What pushed me over the edge was signing up and doing the work in one of his online workshops. It failed to deliver what I thought Seth was capable of. The operative words being “I thought”.

Every time we make an assumption and take a gamble on a brand new product, be it an online workshop or something more tangible, we’re taking a gamble.

Seth himself says repeatedly “this might not work”. His secret to success? Ship more. This means you will fail more but also you might have more success. Keep doing the work, dance with the fear, ship it and be unabashed about saying “here, I made this”.

So his workshop from my perspective, as useless as it was, was successful. It made me realise that Seth is a human being like us and not this hero I’d created in my head. If he can do it, so can I and I don’t have to follow him or defend everything that he does because his current stuff is useless, at least to me.

As human beings, we are all prone to being immune to the stench of our own poop. This is especially true when people pay and praise us for it. Beware the sycophants. The moment you feel the presence of butt kissers around you, you can be certain that you’re about to ship poop or are already pooping up a frenzy.

And marketers?

They are paid butt kissers. They are paid to see the best in someone, a service or a product. Don’t trust anything a marketer says. This is why I’m no longer a marketer and I’ve made the leap to embrace what I truly am, a writer. Alas, my Achilles ’ heel is my trust of humanity. From now on I will have more filters in place before placing my trust, money and time on other people.

And you, the reader, whatever your creative practice is, keep at it. In Turkish we have a saying, “those who poop with determination can break through walls”.

So stay regular.

Over to you…

When was a time your hero’s mask fell off and you discovered that it’s you who’s the hero?