I didn’t think it possible to love an accountant as taxes are one of the necessary evils as certain as death.

No one loves their undertaker do they?

But I have a confession. I absolutely love my accountant and even look forward to tax time for an opportunity to catch up with her.

Where does this love come from?

Firstly, she’s, like me, a bootstrapper. She started her solo practice when she faced hostilities, getting passed over for training, promotions and generally feeling like she wasn’t as valued as her co-workers at one of the big four accounting firms. You gotta move out of places where others don’t see your value and this is precisely what she did.

She gave up the certainty of the 9–5 to work for herself and boy, was it hard. Spouses are great people. They provide us with stability and a rock to lean on when times are tough but let me assure you that their lack of support for starting your own home business does not mean they don’t love you.

I struggled when I decided to give freelance writing a full chance and so did my lovely accountant.

People who aren’t as certain of themselves and their ability to bounce back from rejection and find ways to make business work, will never see the vision of the entrepreneurial self-starter.

Chances are, if you are a starter, you’re blessed with a spouse who’s very conventional and will work within the status-quo and not question it very much.

Opposites attract, after all.

The resilience, creativity and proactive approach of the entrepreneur is balanced by the more conventional thinking, status-quo and structure seeking spouse and we love and appreciate them.

They also serve another great purpose.

They test our resolve.

By constantly questioning our motives, why we’re doing certain things in our business, be it investing in business coaches, training or joining networking groups that take us away from the home, they clarify our vision for the sort of business we’d like to have and the type of clients we’d like to work with to start reaping monetary results.

After knowing and working with my accountant for more than two years, this time when I caught up, she was completely transformed.

She was a woman on top of it all. She had great clients who took her advice and improved and grew their businesses and the rest she was ready to fire so she could replace them with good clients to grow with.

She gave me hope and inspired me to keep pushing through with my copywriting business.

Who knows?

One day I might be talking to one of my clients about how I went from a freelancer earning very little with a spouse constantly on her back about just quitting the whole thing and becoming a full-time mum (whatever that means. I’m a writer first and foremost and will always be), to making a comfortable living doing what she loves and working with clients who inspire her.

So whatever you’re out there doing, if you’re using your gift, mine being verbal storytelling, my accountant’s numerical storytelling, yours might be decluttering, organising, helping improve performance, trading, planning, etc… rest assured there’s a market and keep doing the work that inspires you, keeps you sane, happy and connected.

Oh and every time your spouse asks you why you don’t just give up and get a job, smile at him or her and prepare to talk about your financial plans if this is what will appease them.

They might also feel threatened that you’ll surpass and leave them, in that case, set aside some time for a date and reconnect.

And one last thing, Hima, your website looks amazing! Keep doing the great work and I can’t wait to work myself up to your Tax + Premium CFO package  one day!