How Your Story will get you Back in Sync with the Universe

This matter of standing out AND fitting in – I can only offer to address it from my cultural lens. This includes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron, the Smurfs and yes, N’Sync.

OK, so what do all of these entertainment franchises have in common?

N’Sync was 5 boys, who all had different voices and they sang together and then every once in a while one of them would sing solo in his voice. Smurfs all had different capabilities, there were no two Smurfs who were handy, or bookish or brawny or poetic or for that matter female, but that’s another argument. Together they were the Smurf Village and they worked as a team to protect each other and the village from the evil sorcerer Gargamel. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all represented one of the four primary archetypes, the hero, the surfer dude, the inventor and the bad boy whose downfall is his anger. Again they work brilliantly together.

Growing up, unfortunately my family didn’t work brilliantly together. We had a very opinionated father whose world views were generously forced upon us. He was once a TV producer but unable to handle criticism and the lack of money in the TV business in the 80s Turkey before private channels opened up, he gave up and worked for the US Government then sought and got a job in the US, despite hating the country. When we moved to the US, it was for better opportunity but what I personally experienced was a dad complaining about how the system in that very country exists to take advantage of people and drive their value down to nothing.

My brother, who for whatever reason isn’t a people pleaser, sought is own pleasure before all else. He didn’t experience the negativity. He happily went along flunking all his classes and getting into computers, which took off and he ended up in a series of well-paid jobs.

OK, so why am I telling you this?

Just recently I had an a-ha moment.

What we experience in our family and during the formative years of our childhood, we bring forward to our jobs. I have this high ideal of a culture with respect for its people, in recognising their unique talents and helping them contribute with their strengths. This is a need I had growing up in my family. My father only recognised that I was good at getting good grades and therefore I must go into the one profession that’s worth going into, medicine.

One problem.

I’ve always been a writer.

So no matter what course my life took, I was always going to come back to honour the gift I was given.

I suspect you’re here for that reason. You have a strong desire to share your gift with the world.

THE WORK for me is talking to people to help them connect the dots of their past to bring their stories up to date. With their past and present laid out before them in story form, they can see clearly the next logical point they need to go to and they do this using their gifts.

I extract all the information over a relaxing chat. People describe this experience as having the best catch up with their oldest and dearest friend.

One hour long interview over a relaxing drink, and having three versions of your microbiography costs $120.

Check out my microbiography on LinkedIn to see the structure I use and if you are ready for the challenge of opening up and being ALL OF YOU within your profession to lead the change you’ve been seeking, then let’s talk.

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