Confucius said:

“We have two lives and the second one begins when we realise we only have one.”

Today is Halloween in North America. There are other significant days such as the All Saint’s Day in the Catholic religion and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Latin America which mark the transition into winter months.

In Autumn, Mother Earth beings retreating to her long slumber. In the olden times, this was a time of intense reflection. The decay of Mother Earth reminded people of their own mortality and whether they would survive the long winter leaving them in the cold and dark.

Thoughts turned to the spirits of those long gone for guidance to get through the tough times. It’s been believed that the days between October 31st – November 2nd are when the curtain to the spirit realm lifts. This brings about spiritual rejuvenation in people as ancestral spirits act as guides through the dark, cold and uncertain winter days.

The intense changes we must make in our own lives don’t have to adhere to rhyme, reason or a season. In fact, I made my own departure from a comfortable job in the month of March back in 2010. My trigger was turning 30. This was a reminder of my mortality. I could not continue to live a life where my values didn’t align with those of the organisation I worked for. Of course, at the time I had no awareness of my core values. The only thing I went by was a feeling. That nagging voice in my head wouldn’t go away. It told me I was in the wrong place, with the wrong set of people, where I was in no position to be valued for writing the things that I value being, self-actualisation, community and creativity.

So I jumped into the unknown.

It’s been a freaky and scary ride where I was met with rejection after rejection. I never individually recovered the prestige, the social tick of approval that a Government position gave me.

But I don’t care about titles. I care about constantly improving my craft, strengthening my creative vision and finding my community of likeminded creative professionals.

It gives me great pride in knowing that I have other people around me, who are honouring their own nature and making drastic changes to their lives. Change is scary because it means uncertainty. There’s no guarantee you’ll succeed or be met with any sort of reward. In fact, you will meet people’s puzzled stares that you gave up a “good life” or a “stable income” to make a move towards what your gut tells you is the right place.

It will feel like a cold and long winter but it isn’t. The only person giving you the cold shoulder is yourself, by turning your back on your essence.

Christina and Marilyn are the people in my life who’ve decided to make drastic changes. They both gave up secure positions, moved house, and even country and now are adjusting to a new way of life. One they initiated by making the call to quit what wasn’t working.

That takes bravery.

Hallloween was deemed the scariest time of the year (especially in the Southern Hemisphere for those of us without a bikini bod) as there was no guarantee anyone would survive the winter. These days, we’re pretty much all set to survive, what with abundance of food, central heating and all amenities to keep our bodies comfortable.

So, I’m always puzzled, what with all this abundance around us, why we’re scared to take a chance and do something for our spirit. It doesn’t have to mean you quit a job. It could be starting a side gig. Putting our hand up for a project, or simply starting a blog or a website.

What’s the worst thing that’s going to come of it? People will not like it? They’ll think you’re silly? No one will read your blog?

Does that really kill anyone?

What’s the downside if you never take a step towards the life you want to live? You will never know and that “what if?” will forever hang over your head.

Don’t let rejection paralyse you and keep you away from what you want in life. Here’s what one man learned about the nature of the fear of rejection.

He discovered that fear diminishes the more you put yourself out there and it gets replaced by a sense of connection with your fellow human beings.

We are all human and we are all in this together. Never forget that.

You take a step in the right direction, one that’s in harmony with what your gut is telling you and the path will appear. Don’t turn back because of fear. Keep moving in the direction of your interests and curiosity. That’s what I found.

That’s what the 100 Days of Rejection guy found.

I’m sure it’s what you’ll find too once you quiet the voices outside and listen to your own gut (and don’t confuse fear and greed with your gut either. Those lead to ruin, usually. Just look at The Wold of Wall Street).

Thank you Christina and Marilyn for taking those first steps.

You inspire me to keep at it.

Over to you…

When was the last time you made a decision which had an intense impact on your life? Did you find that you were tricked or treated for making that decision?

Did you feel you’d made the decision for the right reasons or was it driven by fear or greed?