Here’s to Green Goddesses

Today I salute the green goddess in all of us. This story is gifted to me by a lady I admire very much for her creativity, relentless hardwork, resilience and strength.

Businesses in Crows Nest are infinitely interesting to me because they represent a microcosm and if I wanted to get fancy and call them an ecosystem, I think some of you might scratch your heads and bounce off this page. Bear with me. What I’m trying to say is the micro, teeny tiny businesses in Crows Nest are what give this wonderful village its flavour and they are all as unique as their owners’ personalities.

We are so fortunate that these businesses exist as we find the personality, the warmth and the connections here.

One of these businesses, a health food shop, is run by a remarkable woman who entered my life when I started dating my partner, more than 7 years ago. She’d been their neighbour and they’d gone out on many adventures together (camping expeditions, Disney Land, Mexico, you name it) with her and her son growing up in Lane Cove.

Generous to a fault, every time I go into her shop to take a look at the rich variety of teas, super foods, supplements and varieties of foods like Confucious and Buddha Bowls, which honour her Chinese heritage, she does not let me pay. She will not even let me take money of my pocket.

Of course, over the last month, in my attempt to strengthen my relationship with all the wonderful people who bestowed me Christmas gifts, I wandered into her shop three times.

The first time I had a Buddha Bowl, which was fresh and delicious. I left a five star review on her Facebook page.

The second visit was with my friend Jade. She had a Green Goddess smoothie and I had a Buddha Bowl. Not only did the shop owner not let me pay, but she wouldn’t let Jade pay either. When I asked her why, her response was ‘you’re family and so is your friend’.

I visited the shop again this week to get a delicious Green Goddess smoothie. This time I was intending to have the smoothie in the shop and hopefully get some time to chat with her and share my gift of story telling to help the shop out.

Because I felt indebted I thought to myself what is the one gift I can offer her?

I knew she was getting a new website. So I offered her my copywriting expertise. She stepped back a little, uh, oh I thought to myself, here it is again – REJECTION. Indeed, she had a marketer she was working with. Why hadn’t she even considered me? It hurt. Didn’t she think I was a good writer? Does she not find me professional?

Well, it probably had nothing to do with me. She probably did not consider me a writer or really didn’t take as much time to analyse me as I’ve been taking the time to analyse all 13 of these wonderful people I had around me giving me gifts (many of these material gifts I’m looking to part ways with gracefully as I’m doing the KonMari method of tidying) this past Christmas.

So I let go my feeling of rejection. It simply did not spark joy in my heart.

However, I still feel indebted and I cannot accept more free stuff from her because I know all those things cost her time, money and most importantly energy. I don’t want to burden her. I know her whole life she’s given, given, given and perhaps because of this, she has not been able to receive the goodness she deserves from those around her, who have wonderful gifts to share with her.

Her greatest gift to me though was the Green Goddess Smoothie (not the Christmas gift, the hot pink Klean Kattle, which doesn’t go with my green and purple brand colours). It’s absolutely delicious and I now make it at home for myself and my partner.

If you want a boost of green power that tastes good, here’s my version of the Green Goddess:

Blend the following in a Nutribullet for 3 servings: 2 green apples, 2 celery sticks, 1/2 banana, 13 (yeah 13!) Baby Spinach Leaves, A handful of kale, pinch of slivered almonds, pinch of chia seeds, 400 mL coconut water

Enjoy, and here’s to your health, Green Goddess.

The moral of the story? As Jade would say #pushlessreceivemore

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