Getting Clear on What You Want

If you want a prince, don’t hang out with frogs…If there’s something to be learned from the Royal Wedding, it is this.

And how does one avoid frogs? It’s simple. Don’t even think about them. Get clear on what you want – A PRINCE.

So, of course I’ve been doing the wrong thing for the past two posts writing about some people who knocked the sail out of my winds. It was bad enough that I considered doing work for them and then I go on and write about it? Tusk, tusk, tusk indeed.

Keeping the memory of the frogs alive will invite more frogs until your fields of gold and the rivers of active imagination are infested by these vile cane toads and even a heavy dose of Frogstump won’t rid of them.

So let’s shift our focus to a princess who knew better.

Meghan Markle…Firstly a great big applause to her for she did not let social media run her life. She simply did not pay any attention to what the media was saying, good or bad and just made time for her own vision for her life. Listening to others, especially those who don’t know us, our lives, our hopes and dreams, who are only after getting a word in, getting paid, etc… is the quickest way to lose focus.

Secondly, good on her for wanting to hit the ground running on the Duchess gig. Given her track record for setting the record straight from a young age by getting a detergent brand to change a sexist commercial which implied women are the only people battling grease, she sees her next role as one that’s going to make some fundamental changes in the world. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to.

Thirdly, shame, shame, shame on me…

I let the commentators talking about the super-passionate preacher man, saying he overstayed his welcome, get my knickers in a twist. These poor people who never experienced passion in their lives, how dare they talk ill of the man who knows about the fire of love?

Also, shame, shame, shame that I’m getting really upset that people dared to comment on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of dress saying why couldn’t she splurge on a new dress for this wedding? Petty… And as am I. Cate doesn’t need me defending her on this. I hope she’s also turned off the media and is just focusing on her own vision for her life and getting on with it.

In short, don’t let me, social media, media at large, haters, frogs, people who can’t value themselves, who can’t value you, dictate how you should lead your own life.

Make a vision board, revisit it often, tweak it with new priorities that may come into your life. Use that as your map. Your compass is your own values. Find out what they are and start applying them to the map and I promise you, you will get CLARITY.

*I stand corrected. Meghan wasn’t completely free of frogs, as the weedding reception was held at the Frogmore House. Thank you for this delicious morsel, Sophia.


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