Why did you start WritePublishGrow?

I needed an outlet for all the ideas in my head and all the challenges I was facing in life. At one point, I was changing jobs more often than David Bowie was changing hairstyles. I needed a way to make sense of what was happening to me and seeing it represented in words before me offered me a way to balance the equation that is life.

Writing the truth heals and connects one to their true desires.

Why do you focus on Lane Cove stories?

Lane Cove is my chosen neighbourhood and I feel the comfort of being at home here. With the stability and comfort my neighbourhood provides me, I’m free to explore all that’s interesting to me, like the personality types and businesses and homes and outdoor spaces she’s got within her boundaries.

Community inspires. 

What qualifies you as a memoirist?

I journal every day and in that journal, I ask myself some hard questions, like “do other people struggle with minding their own business or is there something wrong with me?” and sure enough, I find others who talk to me about why they feel the need to step into matters that should be of no concern to them.

After having those conversations, I pen a piece like Avoid the Fate of the Unassuming Parsley.

We are all memoirists and our narrative is the foundation for our future. 

How is writing or telling one’s story therapy?

Using colours and painting pictures provide artists with the flow experience where they lose track of time. Same with dancers when they’re dancing and singers and everyone who is creating something new.

As I’ve always been an avid reader who sees much meaning in words, writing is my way of bringing something new into the world that helps me see life from a broader perspective. Through gaining a better understanding of my life experience, I gain an insight into other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Writing a memoir is a creative practice that broadens one’s perspective on their own life. 

Have you healed yourself?

It is a practice, this life we live. We are never completely healed but through a regular creative or spiritual practice, which to me are one in the same, we can keep gaining a broader perspective where we can be more accepting of ourselves, others and the world.

Writing is a practice, it is never perfect.

How does WritePublishGrow serve the community?

I’m an ear to hear the stories of Lane Cove residents. Through telling of one’s story to someone who’s interested and attentive, the solutions to life’s problems begin to arise.

Bearing witness is a major part of the memoirist’s work.  

Why would anyone care to read about someone else’s life?

If the writer is honest and reveals themselves without fear, anxiety or an ego getting in the way, we catch a glimpse of our own humanity as the reader. All of a sudden we don’t feel so alone and alien-like. “There are others who’ve felt similar pains and there’s hope!” That’s the feeling we get from reading honest to goodness memoirs.

Thoughtful, generous and honest personal stories open us up to new experiences in our lives.  

Are all lives interesting?

You betcha. There’s so much intrigue in even the most mundane of things like curing constipation. Just ask Digestive Detective

If you can’t marvel at another person’s life, you’re shortchanging yourself too. Start by journaling to see your everyday miracles and then I promise you, you will never be bored with anyone else telling you about their life.

People who have a healthy interest in others’ lives are interesting and they are the glue of communities. 

Do I have a story worth telling even if I’m not a celebrity or a successful business person?

Do you have a life? Well if you answered “yes” you have a story I’m very much interested in hearing. If you answered “no” maybe let’s explore that in a journal and find out why you don’t have the time for doing whatever it is that connects you to the source of life within you.

Welcome to my life here on WritePublishGrow.com, feel free to look around and I hope you find the inspiration to tell your own true story. My wish is for you to enjoy it and if you don’t, oh well. It’s not for everyone.

I’m enjoying it and that’s enough for me.

Everyone’s life is valuable and hence interesting.

What sort of memoirs do you enjoy reading?

Honest ones. The last one I enjoyed was Glennon Doyle‘s “Untamed” as an audiobook. She’s got an amazing reading voice. I also enjoy her Instagram videos where she shows up every week to talk about a subject matter that concerns her community.

Read thoughtful, honest and generous content. You are what you consume. 

What was the biggest challenge of your life?

I had a very long and hard journey in accepting that I’m a writer and must find ways to serve my community with my gift. Having any sort of gift comes with the understanding that you must practice it each and every day. In other words, I write therefore I’m a writer. If I don’t write then I’m an irritated and irritating person.

Just as it would be cruel to not milk a cow, it’s cruel for a writer to not write regularly. The pressure of the thoughts in one’s head becomes unbearable.

It is a writer’s job to write every day even if no one’s reading. 

What is it about Lane Cove that makes you feel at home?

Diversity. Oh and the growing Turkish population in this neighbourhood. Not a day goes by where I don’t hear Turkish being spoken and that’s a lovely thing and a reminder that I should speak more Turkish with my young daughters.

Lane Cove or any other neighbourhood is home once you’ve accepted your gifts and look to share them.

Even with your meditation and journaling practice, do you find that people and situations still annoy you?

Yes! I get annoyed every time my partner gives me something to do. Doesn’t he see that I already have a full list of things I have to get done? Another thing that annoys me is every time WritePublishGrow is mentioned as my hobby. It’s true that I don’t make a dime out of it but it’s a spiritual practice. This blog is my temple in a way.

My family annoy me sometimes and that’s because I approach them with an agenda. If I’m relaxed, playful and generous with my time then I find we co-create some wonderful memories together which can become lovely subjects for writing.

Your relationships are your life’s lines. To end up with a pretty picture, take care of your relationships first and foremost. A regular reflective writing practice supports healthy relationships with yourself, others, your community and the world. 

Over to you…

Do you have a question you’d like to ask me? Send me an e-mail, Eda@WritePublishGrow.com