You can complete your book in less than a year!

I’ve done it three times and I know how you can…

I’ve written our family memoirs “We All Have Wings”, “The Wisdom of Gifts” and “Live the Gift” a collection of brief memoirs about the fourteen people who inspired me to keep creating and growing my artistry. I’ve completed the first drafts for those books within a few months and with my method, you can too.

The secret to getting it done in a year or less is simply this: A community of creative professionals and allies to support, encourage and inspire you on your journey from writer to author.

WritePublishGrow is the place for writers and creatives to grow their talents, and gain visibility by putting their work out to the market. We support you along every step of your journey and you’re the boss! You call the shots when it comes to asking for help when you get stuck.

At WritePublishGrow we encourage everyone to own their creative powers and let that be the guiding light towards realising the book that reflects their uniqueness.

When you sign up for “Finish Your Book By Next Christmas!” you get the following:

  • 3 X 1-hr coaching sessions, valued at $360 AUD
  • Your own “Finish Your Book By Next Christmas” workbook
  • Free access to all WritePublishGrow workshops
  • Monthly instructional videos (delivered within our email newsletter)
  • Fortnightly WritePublishGrow newsletter with writing prompts
  • Access to Write Club, daily writing Zoom sessions
  • Monthly face-to-face writers’ group that meets at Lane Cove Public Library
  • Mid-year face-to-face writers’ circle
  • Priority in scheduling coaching appointments per your needs

Let this package be the ultimate Christmas gift to yourself or to that loved one who’s always talking about writing their book.

It is 50% off from $300 until the end of 2022. You will gain access to all the materials you need to finish your book – all for $150 AUD. Let’s do this. I want to see you share your beautiful book with your family next Christmas. It is the best feeling in the world I know.

E-mail me at or call me at 0426 240 399 to sign up for your spot in “Finish Your Book By Next Christmas!”

Let’s write that book together. We can do it. It is possible.