Bunnies. Easter Eggs. Springtime. Oops. Scratch that. It’s not Spring in Australia and hence Easter time does not truly feel like Easter. There’s no Spring fever in the air. The boiling of blood with the promise of warmer days to come is not a part of Easter here.

What does Easter mean in these parts?

For one thing, it means time off from work and family gatherings and Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies galore.

To me it has a deeper meaning and I’m not Christian but someone who believes in the story of Christ (perhaps he didn’t exist in the flesh and bone but there’s no denying that his story is alive and well) and indeed in the power of all stories to change us for the better.

There’s real significance that Christ was resurrected. The reason he was resurrected is he was generous and had so much passion for humanity that he was willing to give up the limitations of his physical body and his life.

Remembering his sacrifice on Easter allows us to realise a little more than what we think we’re capable of. Catholics give up something for Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter. Forgoing earthly delights – think chocolate, beer, or something that a person is deeply fond of – is a sacrifice on a smaller scale and one that ideally brings about some enlightenment or spiritual realisation instead of 40 days of misery and craving for whatever was given up.

I don’t give up anything for Lent or Easter because I’m Muslim. I used to fast while living in Turkey and found that a worthwhile practice that freed me from obsessing about what’s for breakfast or lunch.

Speaking of Resurrection…

I don’t believe Jesus, Mohammed and those who lived in the Biblical times are the only prophets. I think a number of leaders, artists, business people of past and present possess a spiritual connection and sacrifice enough of their lives (or egos) to realise their gift – a connection with the universe – and bring it down to us on the earth plane to enjoy.

Hence the photo of David Bowie…

In one of his final videos, Lazarus, he’s on his death bed (he was aware of his pending death when shooting the video) but his spirit is alive and donned in one of the costumes from his heyday, in the video his spirit springs to life and struggles at first pen in hand, nothing coming out, then he writes and writes, and writes so much that he runs out of paper (or life?) bringing his parting gift to life, the album Blackstar.

This Easter, I’m thinking about the people whose lives touched us and will gift myself with writing as a way of worshipping.

What about you? What is your method of worship, bringing your gifts to others?

Here’s the prayer for those embarking on the journey inward:

May you find Easter eggs around every corner and your gifts multiply like bunnies.