Doing Client Work Does Not Count as Honouring Your Gift… Here’s Why…

So you’re a writer. Writing’s the gift you’ve been blessed/cursed with and turning your back on it isn’t an option. Everytime you ignore your gift which taunts you to explore it, unwrap it and share it, bad stuff happens.

You end up miserable. Depressed. Out of sync.

But you can’t just write all day. There’s a life to live, things to do, money to earn. You do the next logical thing. You put it out on the market. Either as a book you publish yourself or offering to help others express themselves in writing for fun or profit.

Either way you expect to earn a living from it. If it can’t sustain you, what kinda gift is it damnit?

Uhh but there is the problem in your thinking.

It’s a friggin GIFT. You never asked for it. It was bestowed upon you. It’s not there to meet your basic needs. It’s something on top of all your basic shit you need to get by in life.

THANKS – you say for the gift.

And one more thing. You received the gift and you must do something with it.

It’s not like that barbecue spice set you got from mum that you just let go to waste. Though your mum probably gifted that in the hopes that you’d host a few barbecues and invite her, but you feel no moral obligation to follow through with her wishes to entertain her.

Oh this gift, it comes from a deeper place than that and ignoring it, well it can throw you off balance.

To find your balance, make the time/space and write every day. AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT WRITING YOU’RE DOING IN EXCHANGE FOR MONEY. Oh no, writing that stuff does not satisfy your need to connect with your innerself and reflect your true feelings under the cloak of fiction. At least, not for me. I can’t run or hide from the book I must write.

1000 words a day, keeps the shrink away.

So they say. Or meditate. Or breathe.

But find a creative outlet if you’re here reading about my creative journey.

Nope, client work does not count.

You have to do your own shit and create your own universe if you want to feel connected. It’s torture, it’s hard, it hurts, you push through and when those words are out of your head, you’ve done the heavy lifting, you relax, smile until the sun rises again and it begins all over again.

Happy writing.

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