Build Your Camelot on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, right?

I see eyes rolling. I’m probably the gazillionth person telling you to jump on this trend hyped up by marketer types (those obnoxious hyena-like creatures in the business ecosystem with their spiked up hair. I can’t really bring myself to like those guys either though I do empathise…)

OK, but allow me to bring a fresh perspective.

I believe that using LinkedIn as a visual tool, you can be King Arthur-like and build your Camelot.

This is the opposite of insanely running around, finding, adding and spamming people. King Arthur wasn’t a raper and a pillager and the mindless numbers approach to building a network is modern day raping and pillaging.

Don’t do it. You’re better than that.

I’m no LinkedIn expert but I consistently find QUALITY leads on LinkedIn using it 1 hr per week. Life’s too precious to waste head down on screens (don’t you agree?)

Here’s what I practice (As I’m sure King Art did)

1. Be YOU – weird, wonderful YOU (What’s the sword in the stone only you can pull out? Focus on this strength and express it in your LinkedIn summary)

2. Quality over Quantity (Art only had 14 knights, Christ had 12 disciples. Start with a handful of people you provide most value to and let that be the foundation for your Camelot)

3. Gratitude (take a few minutes to recognise and recommend the people who have helped you. Be they Merlin, knights, clients, suppliers, business coaches, or simply people whose values you’re aligned with)

Get your LinkedIn Camelot Planning Template HERE.


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