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Eda UtkuLive the Gift Birthday Party

“Live the Gift” is made up of the stories of the people who have built businesses where they share their humanity and creative gifts with the world. Among its pages you’ll find a Malaysian pop singer who connects us with our dreams, a dream interpreter, a Rich Witch, stand-up comics, speakers, dancers, gazers of starry nights and many more…

To purchase, please send $33.30 AUD

Account Name: Eda Utku
BSB: 302 162
Account No: 134 88 31

Please e-mail Eda@WritePublishGrow.com with the address I can ship the book to and I will inform you of the shipping charges. I look forward to making this connection with you, my dear reader.

“Wisdom of Gifts” is my memoir, a result of healing myself over three Christmases to finally start receiving what I want out of life and not succumb to others’ projections.


The Wisdom of Gifts
The Gift of a Mother

“We All Have Wings” is my mother’s biography. I printed five copies. Mum has one, Dad has one and there’s one for myself and one for my two daughters. There are no copies publicly available. You may borrow my copy but you must return it.