What was the best gift you received this holiday season thus far?

How’s the Silly Season treating you?

So far, I’ve received one important gift.


Those of you starting out in freelancing might know what I’m talking about.

When you’ve got your services sorted and there’s a friend around who looks like she might really benefit, you think to yourself, THIS IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

So you start talking, you send some ideas, she encourages you to send more and then when you hit her up with an offer, she goes cold…


You feel like that guy who went for the kiss early… Can you bare to see her again?

And you can’t just avoid this person because there are holiday functions coming up and your ego is all black and blue because you think she doesn’t think you’re a talented writer (or whatever your craft happens to be) or thought you’re charging too much for what you’ve got to offer.

Here’s what helped me get over this way of thinking.

1. She may not even realise she needs my services yet. With the previous conversations leading up to the offer, had I actually put our conversations into a business context or was she just thinking it was friendly banter?

2. It’s just one ‘No’. Typically it takes 12-13 No’s before getting to the yes.

3. Just stop talking about business with friends unless they want to see you in the business context. She may or may not, and I will just have to feel this one out and go with my gut instinct.

What about you?

What gifts are you receiving in this amazing season of giving (which frankly, I was starting to get bummed out about as I always seem to be stuck with people who don’t share my values for social inclusion and then I told myself to grow the f*ck up and if I want to be included, then be included in a way that’s mindful of the things that interest them, where we have common ground)?

Oh and if you need some inspiration and a kick in the pants to finally get started on publishing your business stories online, or even building your website and other business storytelling assets, then this Business Storytelling Kickstarter Workshop is my gift to you.

Or if you’d rather just chill out in the comfort of your own home and start getting your ideas together for a rewrite of your LinkedIn profile putting your values and purpose at the centre of it, then join the new WritePublishGrow FB page where we are doing 12 painless steps to rewrite your profile.

You’re welcome.


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