Writer and ceremonial magician Dion Fortune recognised Glastonbury as the heart centre of England when she first visited around 1920. There, she was so moved by King Arthur’s spirit that she beckoned his light to protect England from the dark force of the Nazis. Her final resting place too is in Glastonbury.

Such is the power of King Arthur.

His spirit captures those seeking enlightenment. But what does King Arthur have anything to do with a creative freelancing career you might ask?

What can we learn from his approach to guide our creative practice and freelancing careers?

As freelancers, we work in the isolation of our own minds. Compare this to the Middle Ages, when the word “freelancer” was first used to describe Medieval mercenaries. The land was run by feudal lords. Freelancers were wandering aimlessly, fighting other people’s battles for coin and a chance at the spoils of war.

Bringing peace and a vision of the holy grail to freelancers roaming the land looking for an outlet for their destructive energy required a great man with a vision. King Arthur had, above all, deep spiritual wells and boundless generosity. Indeed, the land King Arthur inherited was one that was ruined by the greed of Amangons. It was no easy task for an ordinary man to restore Ancient England (known as the Kingdom of Logres) after Amangons and his men had stolen the golden cup and raped the Maidens of the Wells who looked after the wellbeing of the land.

Like Logres after Amangons’s treachery, many of us might be in need of recovery after cruel treatment of our own creative natures. Let me be clear. We are all creative beings, even the bean counters.

If you weren’t creative, you wouldn’t be alive. Life by definition is a creative process (and destruction or death is a part of it). Some of us are just so overwhelmed by to-dos and others’ priorities invading our diaries that we are unable to express our unique creativity. Or we run away from it, too fearful to face our unique gifts.

This is an article for those who are aware of their creative gift and are now seeking or already feeling a King Arthur-like light guiding them to bring vision, structure, mentors, allies, and a roundtable to their creative practice.

What the roundtable symbolises is a place for people from different backgrounds who will be treated as equals, respected and encouraged to bring their innate gifts to the table.

Be King Arthur-like as you go about your creative practice today. Seek out those with a vision, a mentor like Merlin. Recognise others with creative abilities, be that they wield a mighty pen, mightier than the sword, a paintbrush or the unique ability to analyse numbers, your posture, to get you back in alignment so you can function at your best.

Today I recognised the need to exercise and do it in a conscious way so that the back pain I’m experiencing will diminish. I don’t want physical pain, or the pain of being in an out of shape body sap my energy away from my writing.

We are a whole system. Mind, body, spirit.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your creative gift. Never run on fumes of inspiration. You will suffer. Those around you will suffer. Life is not meant to be suffering.

Find and respect those who have special gifts, be it in healing the body, mind or spirit, or giving you beautiful designs and words that will carry your message(s) further. Respect your fellow freelancers and give them a seat at your roundtable.

Over to you…

Where is your energy going and how can you acknowledge the pain you’re feeling, be it in your body, mind or spirit so you can go forward with ease in generously giving the gift of your work to others?