If you’re lucky enough to have a spouse, partner, husband or wife, make sure your relationship with this person is growing. Otherwise, bad things will happen. This is one of the most important lessons King Arthur has to teach us today. Even a wise king and King Arthur was one of the wisest mythical people I’ve encountered for the fact that he brought civilisation to one of the most barbaric places on earth during the darkest of times. England in the dark ages was a place overrun by feudal warlords and mercenaries (known as freelancers) roaming the countryside for the next battle to get paid and to plunder, pillage and take pleasure in the spoils of war.

What King Arthur accomplished with his roundtable was remarkable and he is the stuff of legend to this day. He succeeded in bringing together feuding clans, including the Arab (Arabs were called Saracens back in the day) Palamedes to build a civilised kingdom run by a code of conduct (Chivalry) known as Camelot. His kingdom was governed by the knights of the roundtable who put aside their differences to go on quests together. What each knight aimed for was the Holy Grail, which was a far more noble thing to behold than monetary gain or carnal pleasures. What the Holy Grail was in actuality is open to dispute. What’s known is that it’s not a mere material possession and is a highly spiritual thing which came as a vision to King Arthur and the knights.

As a result of King Arthur and his knights’ dedication to their vision, word of Camelot and its glory spread to lands far and wide drawing the greatest talent, including the best knight of all, Lancelot, to it. It was a thriving kingdom which ran from success to success.

So far so good.

So what happened that it fell into ill repute resulting in multiple deaths including King Arthur’s?

While King Arthur was a centred, judicious man with his male and female energy well balanced, he forgot one very important thing in his preoccupation with furthering Camelot’s mission. The reason I surmise that King Arthur was balanced in his male and female energy is that he was a warrior but he was also a diplomat. He had the power to communicate and connect people around a vision with warmth and empathy. Yet, he also took pleasure in battle. He was unusual in having balanced the two opposing qualities of nature, the Yin and the Yang.

This is how I see him.

With all these positive qualities you’d think he’d be the ideal husband. But this was not so. His Queen was left alone in the castle many moons and even months while he furthered Camelot’s mission to bring light to countries far away. Poor King Arthur, if only he knew that the biggest threat to his kingdom was to come from his Queen, would he have left her alone and ignored for so long?

In the book, The Girl’s King Arthur, the author Barbara Lepa Tupack mentions Guinevere’s desperation of being in a marriage where the relationship between herself and her husband, King Arthur, was virtually non-existent. Now, there’s some dispute as to how Guinevere goes about finding the love she desperately seeks from her husband. According to some sources, she and Lancelot, King Arthur’s star knight, have an outright affair. Some claim that though they’re attracted to each other, the relationship is unconsummated. However, there’s mutual attraction between the two, which causes tongues wagging at Camelot. One knight Lancelot is seen leaving the Queen’s cambers and according to the Code of Chivalry, his honour and that of the queen must be fought over.

So Camelot is divided. On one side is King Arthur and Lancelot ready to fight for the Queen’s honour and then there’s the overwhelming majority who are ready to behead the queen for her treachery. The battle between the two parties does not end well for Lancelot and Arthur. They are both killed. Guinevere takes refuge in a nunnery.

As wise a man King Arthur was, he ignored the most important person in his life, his wife. Hence he was severely punished. They don’t say ‘happy wife, happy life” for no reason.

Over to you…

What are you going to do today for that special person in your life to make him or her feel like a King or Queen?