On our journeys towards becoming the people we’re meant to be, it’s often helpful to have a spiritual guide. The spiritual guide can be people who’ve broken out of the confines of the Matrix to realise their own dreams or unlived lives.

Your spirit guide can be Steve Jobs, if you’re wanting to be a tech pioneer, it could be your Mum, Dad, Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, Socrates, pretty much any and everyone whose spirit moves you to action. What these people have that’s remarkable and the reason their memory will live on is that they persevered and kept putting out the emotional labour especially when things got tough.

The spirit I identify with is King Arthur. I’m not British. Why King Arthur?

There’s something about the romantic notion of a round table that has me visualising people from all corners of the world, from different cultures, backgrounds, ages even, coming together gaining acceptance, exchanging views, learning from each other, forming teams and going on quests together.

This is how I think the world should operate.

There’s something about boardroom tables with a definite head that I can’t trust. Maybe because I never felt welcomed at any boardroom table I’ve come to have a disdain and distrust of them. They also represent a linear view of the world which produced skyscraper corporate office buildings and hierarchies where CEOs end up with a disproportionate piece of the pie just for being on top of some steep pyramid.

Having the Camelot framework around my writing practice helps me structure my journey and the memoir I’m writing. The archteypes of Merlin, the knights and their different personalities, even the damsels in distress, the vision of the Holy Grail, the constitution of Camelot (Chivalric Code) and the concept of the round table all form the basis for my very own, modern day unique journey as a creative professional owning her gift of the written word.

I feel strongly that I’m not alone on my journey and my round table will have other professionals whose experiences I will learn from and contribute to.

The people who come into my life embody the spirit of Arhurian archetypes, such as Merlin, Lady of The Lake and the knights. They come together around this idea of a round table with no edges, no heads, where everyone is accepted and encouraged to do the work to slay the demons within to become worthy of their Holy Grails, be it writing prizes or simply establishing a practice of writing every day.

Over to you…

Have you found a community of other creatives who encourage you to keep doing your work? What archetypes do they embody?