As a child, one of my greatest influences was the transmedia storyteller Christy Marx. She’s developed and written many of the more profound cartoons but what sealed my relationship with her work was her words in the Sierra adventure computer game Conquests of Camelot.

King Arthur as portrayed by her and in The Once and Future King by T.H. White is the guiding spirit of my writing practice today. There’s a good reason for this. As a creative professional, I see the creativity in all of us as human beings. I see the world as a roundtable (and not a pyramid) where each and everyone one of us is free to bring our unique creative gifts.

The important thing for all of us creative beings (and that’s all of us, even your bookish accountant!) is that we set a vision for ourselves based on our core values. Though by no means is the beginning of a year the only time to do this, it’s a convenient reminder that the time’s come to reflect on the past year and to start thinking up plans for the year ahead.

In Conquests of Camelot, the inciting incident, the reason for King Arthur’s journey out of his own kingdom is famine which threatens to starve his people and eventually himself. He has to come back with the Holy Grail to restore the bounty of his own kingdom. It’s interesting to note that King Arthur’s kingdom is a reflection of his inner world. The poor guy is living in his own personal hell knowing that his queen is having an affair with his best knight, Lancelot.

You’re probably thinking King Art’s a moron for not stepping in and sorting them out. Consider this, how many people do you know who betray themselves sticking in relationships, personal and professional, where they’re not valued, which don’t inspire them?

Hold on, though. Before anyone makes any radical change and abruptly ends any relationship or makes amends to get it back on track, they need one key thing. A vision for their life, which is the map to their personal Holy Grail.

Scott Jeffrey does a good job of breaking down the creative process for coming up with a personal vision statement here.

What does Christy Marx get King Art to do before he sets out on his search for the Holy Grail?

He goes to the Chapel of Two Gods, Mithra and Christ. He enters meditative prayer at both their altars. Christ sends him a vision of the Holy Grail cup, and Mithra gifts him a vision of his three knights calling out to him to rescue them.

Similarly, 2019 has gifted me visions of submitting my writing to other publications and I’ve already found one opportunity for that and several volunteer opportunities in my community to interview and tell the stories of people who are on their deathbeds. Furthermore, I have an opportunity to guide small business owners tell the stories of how their business was conceived.

Fueled by the visions of those wanting my help:

  • my newborn (mummy, please make milk and feed me!) and
  • my toddler (mummy, please feed my curiosity!) and
  • my partner (please guide me through uncertainty because it’s something you’ve faced many times and somehow kept finding what makes your heart beat) and
  • the people in my community (I have a story to tell but am not sure how to get it out! Please help!)

and a strong vision of my Holy Grail (a filled cup each and every day to nourish my internal garden so that I may gift its fruits to those around me) attained through inspiration and meditation, I’m ready to write my 2019.

Over to you…

Who are the people desperate for your help? How will you fill your cup each and every morning to gift them the fruits of your creativity?