Are You Running Away From Your Gift?

Are you finding that you have no time or money for what you want?

For example, you’re a busy family man who has no time for his family (you don’t take personal calls on the company clock but will take business calls 24/7).

Or… you’re a busy mumpreneur with no time to grow her business (but have all the time in the world to hang out with other mums in cafes).

You may be a chef, painter, writer, singer, songwriter, poet with no time for telling your stories in the medium of your choice.

You may be bogged down by chasing the almighty dollar because we all need money to survive.

But did you know that maybe if you just took a chill pill, looked at what you’ve got booked in your day and compared that with your life’s priorities then you may find that you can create the time and resources to do the things that matter the most to you?

Gosh – profound eh?

OK – here’s an example.

If you’re a healer for example, why are you wasting time on social media?

This example came about when I offered to share my copywriting gift with Jade Remedies. It’s very easy to miss this Chinese Medicine clinic located in Crows Nest as they don’t have any ostentatious signage, but man did it pull me in with the green writing and the plants I saw growing on the interiour walls and in their aquarium.

I could sense the life, the vibrancy the green-ness of their energy.

When I saw that they didn’t have a FB or Instagram account, my eyes lit up. They must be in need of my services as a storyteller to tell their stories on social media.

“We are actually going to take our website down. We get more than enough business from referrals” the owner told me kindly. I sensed no ego.

She then told me that healing is her gift and the medium by which she shares her gift is Chinese Medicine.

The gift of creativity is in all of us.

*NEWSFLASH* We are all creative. *NEWSFLASH*

Our creativity manifests in different ways. Some people are very good with numbers and can make money out of thin air through trading, others have less direct ways, like the gift of healing, arts, in my case, storytelling.

So if I’m not telling stories – (hey, this could be e-mails, blogs, social media posts, LinkedIn profiles, website copy for microbusinesses who need my gifts to see and communicate their own value) then I’m running away from my gift and the gifts (money, for example) that come out of it.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do today.

Think about the one thing you’re really good at. Organising? Influencing people? Caring for others? Healing? Listening? Talking? Painting? Writing? Cooking? Designing jewelry?

Then take a look at how much of your week is spent doing this activity.

Then think about the people who are the most important to you.

How many hours are you spending with them in your week?

Get your numbers of hours up for the activities and the people you love and you will see a magical transformation.

And…I’m guilty like you. I spend 30 minutes blogging, 1-hr creating original social media content for my business, 3 hours writing e-mails, 30 minutes on client work and very little time on writing my book, The 13th Gift.

That’s 5 hours per week spent on developing and recording stories in writing (my preferred method of passing on my stories).

How do my loved ones fare? Lucy, my toddler gets the lion’s share, and we do Sunday family catch ups and weekly phone calls with family in Turkey and the U.S. I’m satisfied with my family time but certainly need to spend quality time with my writing if I am to see the dollars coming in.

Remember, all you need is within you.

Don’t waste time by running away from your gift and don’t waste money on band-aid distractions that only create more ways to run away from your gift. These distractions are things like organising the house (if you’re a writer – guilty!), admin work (if you’re a salesperson), social media (if you’re a healer), make-up and beauty products and treatments (if you’re not a model or a fashion influencer), teaching (if you’re not a teacher), business coaching (if you’re a trader) – or the more dangerous kind – abusing yourself, other people or substances.

And yes, feel free to access my gift to help you articulate the value of your gift so you find more ways to share it with the world and get to spend more time doing what you love and hopefully with the people you love.

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