I’m here today to enter the mystery.


I see that I’ve just confused you. You thought I was here to inform you of my discounted offer to get you started on writing your memoirs.

Maybe like me, you too wondered what spiritual people mean by entering the mystery. I see “the mystery” as space where something new takes hold, grows and finally finds its way out onto the material world for all to see. In my case, that place of mystery is every time I sit down to work on my memoir, which is shaping up to be a book.

If you too feel you have a book in you, you probably do.

The unrealised memoir (which may or may not be in the form of a book) sometimes manifests itself as:

  • A heavy heart
  • An overactive mind
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling out of place like an alien (even in your own country)
  • Too many things unsaid
  • Emotions not expressed
  • Frustration with loved ones
  • An inability to communicate
  • Disappointment that your life isn’t turning out the way you imagined
  • Addictive behaviours like overeating, getting into petty arguments, creating drama
  • Hating your job
  • An inability to do the things, like exercising and eating right, that you know are necessary for a healthy and balanced life.

I can help you get unacknowledged, suppressed and repressed misgivings with life out in words, which you may want to continue to write yourself or have me ghostwrite for you.

You can eventually publish this work into a book for your family or for the general public who may benefit from your human experiences and insights about what life is.

It may be that after getting your start with me, you realise you don’t want to publish a book but start a daily journaling practise to keep yourself in touch with your feelings.

IMPORTANT: You don’t need my physical presence to do this work. This is why I provide free memoir help resources and prompts to get you started on your own.

I found that in my early days of starting my memoir, I needed a mentor and I found one in Louisa Deasey. She’s a published author whose work has opened my eyes, heart and mind so that I could tackle my own writing challenges and overcome my inner critic. It certainly helps to have someone with more experience guide you on this unfamiliar terrain of creating something new.

A benefit of working with me is that I can make myself present, face to face, or online, to give you individualised attention as we do this scary thing and “enter the mystery” or in other words open the Pandora’s box that is one’s subconscious. It’s almost inevitable that we will confront some dark demons. But you will find that there’s great hope there too.

A sense of peace sweeps over me every time I put in the time and attention to commit my life experiences to words.

My Invitation to You

If you’re familiar with this website, you will see that I’ve listed some basic memoir writing services that I hope to provide my clients. I say “hope” because I have not yet worked with a paid client. I have written a bio for a man in his deathbed as a volunteer but have not yet had the pleasure of working with an actual paying client.

In my hope to find three foundational clients to build my memoir writing practice, I’m happy to discount my hourly rate significantly. $99AUD instead of $147AUD will be your reward for taking a chance on an emerging writer to guide you on your journey.

If you take a chance on me, we will have a 45-minute session to ground ourselves first and then begin an interview which I will record. Within a week you will receive an edited transcript that might inspire you to keep going on your own.

If you would like further sessions, we can talk about that too. One step at a time.

Over to you…

Are you available on Thursdays and Fridays to get started? E-mail me Eda@WritePublishGrow.com to start preparing for our first session together.