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Eda Utku

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“An unexamined life isn’t worth living.” – Socrates

“An unlived life isn’t worth examining.” Robert McKee

Live a little, examine then go back and apply the wisdom to avoid old patterns.

That’s my advice.

Here’s me thus far…

I’m a Lane Cove-based writer who’s been writing regularly for the past nine years. I started my career writing about mortgages for several websites. I now maintain this website which offers weekly writing prompts (sign up to the newsletter below) to encourage my readers to start expressing themselves in writing.

I volunteer in my community too. I’m helping out at Greenwich Hospital as a biography writer to help palliative care patients record their memoirs to gift to their families.

I’m also pursuing a project with the Lane Cove Council to tell the stories of the older residents who’ve started their creative practice later in life. I will be interviewing those who have taken up arts and crafts such as knitting, jewelry making, painting, singing, composing music, acting and writing among others.

This project is to focus on how the artists’ creative practice has improved their wellbeing and connection with their community in Lane Cove, friends and family.

I’d be delighted to get you started on telling your story.

E-mail me eda@WritePublishGrow.com if you have any questions.

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