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WritePublishGrow was born out of a necessity. There were many writers on the Lower North Shore who felt disconnected from editors, beta readers and contacts in the publishing industry. What began in 2014 as a writers’ group recently became a platform for writers to find support for their projects, workshop, publish and connect with readers.

We are above all, a supportive community for writers. We understand that it takes a village to nurture writing talent from the first page to the first draft to the first book and beyond. No matter how young you are or how late you began your career, if you’re writing, rest assured you’re a writer and no one can take that away from you. If you’re ready to take the next step as a writer, you’re at the right place.

Come, take a step towards getting your writing published.

Eda Utku

Eda’s Story

I’m a writer familiar with the pain of being the sensitive one, the black sheep in one’s family. I experienced uprooting as a child as a result of immigration from Turkey to the US in 1989.

For the past ten years, I’ve been residing in Sydney, Australia, currently establishing roots in Lane Cove.

As a result of my childhood wounds, I developed an ability to see family drama from various points of view. This enables me to write memorable scenes so that your family’s stories will contain the wisdom to heal and be engaging for generations to come. My writing journey thus far has reunited me and my clients with their relatives and the culture of their homelands, making lives in Australia richer.

In 2014 I published “Expat’s Guide to Sydney” with a co-author and in 2016 I published an anthology with six other writers called “Pieces of North Shore”.

On my journey as a writer, I have taken screenwriting courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre, from film producer and story analyst Karel Segers, done the rite of passage, Robert McKee’s Story Seminar in NYC and The Writers’ Studio’s Unlocking Creativity online writing course. I finished the first draft of “The Wisdom of Gifts” under Louisa Deasey’s care. It tells my journey from a hurting Grinch to lover of everything about Aussie Christmases.

I volunteer as a biography writer for Greenwich Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit and submit stories and the wisdom of mature residents for local magazines to publish.

Nick Basford

Nick’s Story

Nick has decades of experience leading writers through the foundations of story structure. He’s transformed many writers, including myself (Eda) to published authors through his one-on-one mentoring and workshops.

In Nick’s words:

“I was a timid child when growing up after suffering from a Pitbull attack that nearly killed me at the age of two. As a consequence, the fear I carried inside me made me an easy target for bullies. Even though this was incredibly challenging it gave me the ability to fully empathize with other people who felt equally raw and exposed. Eventually I started to develop an ability to look within and form deep insights into people and the world around me. Once I started to find my true voice my life started to change profoundly.

Throughout my career, I was exposed to people from all walks of life and found that I had an intuitive gift. I became a writing mentor and developed many successful techniques in therapeutic writing. It was clear to me that I had a natural proclivity in drawing out authentic emotions from my clients which carried them on their writing journeys. I also realized that in order to help others I had to help myself. I explored many healing techniques and modalities for my own personal emotional development. The more I dug deep into my own psyche the better I became as a professional.”

Nick is here to get any writer who feels stuck moving towards finishing their manuscripts with the story skills he’s perfected over the years.

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