Eda Utku

Eda Utku

My Story

In a gist, I grew up in a household with a mum and dad who fought and were unable to resolve conflict.

I could see that both were right in their own minds but being right didn’t open a field where they could remain in a healthy relationship.

Fast forward many years and I now write about why relationships with ourselves and others fall to dysfunction. It turns out sometimes we’re something like parsley (getting thrown around carelessly like an overused garnish that ends up in the bin) and not an aware human being.

You might agree that the most important business we all have is our life. Our lives are energised by relationships and stories are the building blocks of relationships. My stories are building a bridge across the world to bring members of my family closer all the time (DC, Istanbul, Sydney and Brisbane are our geographical locations).

The way stories work is this:

If it’s got too much of yourself, it bores others. If you’re too precious with yourself, then there’s nothing that distinguishes your story from all the other ones out there.

If you have a story worth telling I can help you start.

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