Eda Utku

Eda Utku

My Story

I’m a multicultural Australian memoir writer, born in Turkey and lived in the DC area and Istanbul before making Lane Cove home.

I write to aerate my mind so that the conscious and the subconscious can mix and provide fertile ground for creating better relationships with my growing family. I have two daughters born in Dec. 2016 and Nov. 2018.

Fascinated by the diversity of culture and language in Lane Cove, I talk to residents and write about their life experiences. I feel we have so much to learn from each other and catching a glimpse of each other’s journeys is a beautiful way to connect.

My Belief System

Self-examination and expression in the form of memoir offer a connection with one’s self, family members, friends, community, nature and the world.

The memoir writing process is a valuable practice for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of what brought us here today and what can make the future a better place.

I’m Here to Serve

I’d be delighted to get you started on telling your story.

E-mail me eda@WritePublishGrow.com if you have any questions.

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