I’m very excited to announce that the workshops for 2022 are filling up fast and am feeling blessed to have amazing authors, artists and screenwriters to share their expertise and inspire us with their words.

The good news is we still have spots available! If you’re interested in being a part of this network of creatives who are boldly expressing themselves, send me an e-mail Eda@WritePublishGrow – We’ll schedule a chat to see if it’s right for you.

Below is the tentative schedule of the workshops. Nothing is set in stone because the one thing we learned in these past two years is that adapting to change is what is needed of us.

As the intention is for a small cohort of twelve participants, we are flexible with the dates and times.

2022 WritePublishGrow Your Life Program

JANUARY (29th 2PM on Zoom) “Miracles are Everywhere, Let Me Show You”
Presenter: Angelina Nur Ayo, author “Anything Possible: Escape”


FEBRUARY (24th 2PM on Zoom) “How to Brief Your Book Cover Designer”
Presenter: Peter Morley, designer, Good Catch Design

MARCH (24th 2PM on Zoom) “Humour in the Face of Tragedy”
Presenter: Simon Kennedy, world class comedian, author “9/11 and the Art of Happiness: An Australian Story”

APRIL (28th 2PM on Zoom) “My Life Changed After I Published My Book”
Presenter: Eda Utku, founder, WritePublishGrow and author, “The Wisdom of Gifts”

MAY (26th 2PM Pottery Green Oval) “Find the Heart of Your Story to Heal Wounds”
Presenter: Amanda Jane Starr, screenwriter

JUNE (30th 9PM ADT, Noon UK time) “How to Communicate for Change”
Presenter: Jose Ucar, world class  international speaker, TEDX Speaker, Public Speaking Coach

JULY (28th 2PM Pottery Green Park) “Do You Need Your Family’s Permission to Write About Them?”
Presenter: Eda Utku, founder, WritePublishGrow and author

AUGUST (25th 2PM Tambourine Bay Park) “Body Language: What Stories Do Ailments and Pain Tell?”
Presenter: Allahna Jaylah, wellness coach, founder, Rainbow Hoop Wellness

SEPT (29th 2PM Zoom) “How to Play in the Playground of Dreams (POD) for Peak Creativity”
Presenter: Melissa Indot, musician, innovator, intuitive mystic, poet, visionary and healer

OCT (27th 2PM Zoom) “Brand YOU: Own Your Story, Your Uniqueness”
Presenter: Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy, Speaker, Author, Unique

NOV (10th 2PM Lane Cove location TBA) “How I Got My Book Published”
Presenter: Nicholas Wasiliev, author, “When Men Cry”

NOV (24th 2PM Zoom) “Visualise and Write Your Memoir as a Film”
Presenter: Karel Segers, Screenwriting Coach, The Story Department

DEC (22nd 2PM TBA) “The Dark Night of the Soul or When Doubt Takes Over”
Presenter: Allahna Jaylah, wellness coach, founder, Rainbow Hoop Wellness

I hope you can join us!